Sin on a Bun

Daily Prompt – Sandwich

I walked in the back door and dropped my shopping bags on the floor. Kim and I had spent most of the day at the mall and I was exhausted and starving. “Jack, I’m home.” Silence. He hadn’t said anything about going out. I walked into the kitchen and saw it, sitting on the middle of the kitchen island. The sandwich. Circling the island slowly, eyes locked on the heavenly looking snack, I took a deep inhale and closed my eyes, savoring the aroma.

He had shaved the leftover smoked Virginia ham from our dinner the night before and added thinly sliced sweet Vidalia onions, pan-seared long enough to soften and caramelize them to heighten their sweet flavor, then tangy bread and butter pickles, freshly preserved by my mother over the summer just like Granny used to make when I was a child, a hint of Dijon mustard with a slight bite, all on a freshly baked Kaiser roll from my favorite neighborhood bakery.

The sandwich looked absolutely sinful. My stomach growled, a painful reminder that I had skipped breakfast. It was obvious he had put a lot of effort into this masterpiece. “Jackson. You home?” My words echoed through the silent house. Bending down to eye level I stared at the sandwich and weighed my options.

He walked into the kitchen carrying a six-pack and caught me with the last bite in my hand, crumbs on my lips, an orgasmic look on my face and a guilty expression. I could hear the disappointment in his voice. “I forgot the beer.”

The Woman in the Mirror

Daily Prompt – Elegant

She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was swept back from her face and held in place by diamond clips. She wore the matching diamond and emerald earring and necklace set he had given her for their tenth anniversary. She was dressed in an elegant shimmery silver evening gown. Tonight was a fundraiser or charity event of some sorts – there were so many she had lost track. Sometimes she longed for the simpler days. Before the money, before the parties, before she became the woman in the mirror. She sighed and touched up her lipstick, waiting for him to return from the office. He wouldn’t have long to change before they would have to leave. She didn’t want to think about what was keeping him. Lately he left the house earlier and returned later.

Her phone rang and she looked at the screen, biting her lip self-consciously before answering. “Hello darling. Yes of course. I understand. No, it’s no problem, I’ll have Henry drive me there. What time do you think you’ll be there? I see. Okay. I love you.” She pressed the button to end the call and closed her eyes. She would be going alone again. He would try to meet her there if he finished at the office. Otherwise he would see her at home. He trusted she would have a lovely time at the event with all of their friends. A single tear escaped and slid down her perfectly powdered face. He hadn’t said ‘I love you’ back. Opening her eyes she wiped away the tear and touched up her lipstick. She was the woman in the mirror.


Daily Prompt – Twinkle

I arrived at the party late and in desperate need of a drink. “My damn boss made me draft the proposal three times before he decided to go with the first draft.” I told Michele as I took a long sip of Chardonnay. My shoulders fell soft for the first time that day. “This has been the longest week, I just want to drink wine, eat . . . what do you have to eat?” My eyes wandered to the kitchen.

Michele grabbed my hand. “Forget about food. I want you to meet Jason. I have a feeling.” I stopped and felt the drag on my arm. Shaking my head at her I glared and stood my ground. “No. NO. When you say you have a feeling it always turns out bad. Remember Brad?”

“What was wrong with Brad? You loved Brad.” Michele had a glowing smile on her face, the matchmaking smile that I hated.

“I loved Brad. Sofia loved Brad. Alicia loved Brad. Veronica loved Brad. That’s what was wrong with Brad.” Her face screwed up like she was going to cry. “Michele, it’s okay, you don’t have to do this. I don’t need a guy to be happy. I’m fine with my Chardonnay.” I held my half-drunk glass up as proof. Still, she looked so defeated.

Best friends since college, she was a hopeless romantic and was always trying to set me up with the perfect man. There had been Brad. And Roger. Before him was Nathan. And Ethan. I sometimes got the two mixed up. “If you really want me to be happy, more wine please.” I drank the last of the wine and handed her the glass.

I slipped into the crowd and made my way toward the kitchen. I hadn’t eaten since lunch and my stomach was growling. Just before I reached the door he turned and looked at me. At 6’ 2” he was much taller than me, even in my heels and his medium length brown hair was obviously tousled from his fingers, probably done unconsciously, but it made him look boyishly handsome and the look distracted me momentarily from my hunger. There was a twinkle in his green eyes and a playful smile on his lips. “I’m sorry miss but if you want access to the kitchen you’ll need the secret word.” He stifled a laugh.

I stared blankly, not quite keeping up with his humor. “Excuse me?”

Michele came up behind me with a glass of Chardonnay. “Oh good, you met Jason. I knew you two would hit it off.”

Dark Skies

Daily Prompt – Plop

The sky darkened with the coming storm, mirroring my mood. I rushed to get home before the rain started, back to the safety of my home, to the arms awaiting me. Plop. I saw the first drop hit like a plump grape then splatter. Plop. Plop. The drops began a steady beat against the windshield and soon I flicked on the wipers. The weather mimicked my heart and a downpour ensued, forcing me to bend forward just to see the lines on the road. The water pelted a staccato beat on the top of the car.

Finally, I pulled into the parking spot and gave a brief thought to waiting out the storm in the car. I knew I would go insane in the small confines of the metal capsule. I opened the door and made a mad dash for the front door, quickly rushing through and shutting it and the pelting rain behind me. She was sitting on the sofa waiting. “It’s over.” I managed to squeak out before I collapsed into a pool of tears before her. She held me in her arms and let me cry out my fears, my pain, my disappointment. When I was finished I looked into her dark eyes. “He’s gone for good this time.” My best friend cupped my chin with her hand and smiled. “Let’s hope so.”


Daily Prompt – Cake

He leaned against the wall, arms crossed in front of his chest. A huge grin crossed his face as he watched his two-year-old daughter sitting on his wife’s lap. She clapped her hands in delight as the birthday cake was placed in front of her, two candles brightly glowing in the dim light of the dining room. Abbey would no doubt have no memory of this day but it would be forever etched in his mind.

It took six long years to conceive her, now every day of her life he rejoiced. He had memorized every feature, her strawberry blonde hair, just long enough to brush. Bright blue eyes that sparkled like stars. A button nose that turned up slightly at the end. Chubby baby cheeks that puffed out when she laughed. And that laugh, it was like listening to angels.

Pushing away from the wall he strode across the room to join his family. Bending down to place a kiss on his wife’s cheek, reveling in her radiant smile, he stroked his daughter’s head. He sighed and smiled. He was truly blessed.

Final Goodbye

Daily Prompt – Sidewalk

The city of lights. Paris in spring was our favorite time. Strolling arm in arm along the Seine. Sipping cappuccino at a sidewalk café. Spending hours perusing the finest art in the world. And the romantic nights when the city came to life with light and love. Paris without you is just a maze of streets. It’s lost the romantic mood of days past. The Eiffel Tower is just a hunk of metal. The Arc de Triomphe is just a piece of concrete. Even Mona Lisa’s smile mocks me.  I sip the last of my Sancerre from the stemmed glass and take a final look around our favorite restaurant. A single tear escapes and slides down my cheek, but I don’t bother wiping it away. I step out onto the sidewalk and pull my scarf tighter around my neck, bracing myself against the chilly winter air. It seems fitting leaving you behind now, when everything is dead, before spring arrives with the promise of a new day.


Daily Prompt – Melody

I walked into the shadowy room, furniture covered with sheets, a musty smell in the air. Looking around I saw the photographs on the wall, the ones I had memorized as a child. I saw them every Sunday when we came to visit Granny and Pops for supper. After, the kids would play on the porch while the women cleaned in the kitchen and the men retired with their bourbon. Later there would be music and dancing. My sisters and cousins and I would sit in the corner watching, mesmerized by the scene played out before us. Standing in the empty room now I closed my eyes. A familiar melody played in my head and I was back in the corner watching, mesmerized. A smile crossed my lips and I hummed and swayed to the silent tune. Slowly opening my eyes, I returned to the empty room. I pulled a box across the room and began to fill it with the pictures from the walls. Sighing, I looked out to the sign in the front yard. “For Sale”

little lost boy

Little lost boy in your sad little world what happened to your dreams? You were going to conquer the world and follow the path to the end of the rainbow. But somewhere on your journey you got lost, off track, miles off course and adrift at sea. Now you struggle to find your way back to the safety of the shore, so many anchors weighing you down. The melancholy sound of a foghorn cuts through the thick night air and a dim light from a distant lighthouse gives you a faint hope. But you have to save yourself, little lost boy. You have to save yourself.

The Hammock

Daily Prompt – Shiver

I lay in the hammock in the backyard, strung between the two old oak trees, barren of leaves in the crisp November air. The afghan that my grandmother knitted is wrapped around me but still I shiver at the thought of you and me and the first night we put the hammock up. We laid together, arms and legs intertwined so I didn’t know where you ended and I began. My head rested on your chest and I could hear your heart beat, mine soon began to beat in time with yours. For a moment the world was silent, there was only the sound of our two hearts beating. You whispered “I love you” and as I looked up I saw a shooting star. If only I had made a wish you might still be here with me, in the hammock between the two old oak trees.