Thank You

I’m very excited right now. Today marks my 100th post! This is a huge milestone for me. I didn’t start writing until February of this year and it took months before I considered myself a “writer”. I almost quit too many times to count.

I started off writing short story fanfiction and then later I started this blog. I love my daily word posts but I miss writing the longer, complex stories so I’m now going to focus on those other projects as well.

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by to read and especially those who have generously shared their thoughts with me. One of my goals as a writer is to touch the lives of others. I hope to keep doing that.

31 Weeks

Daily Prompt – Fragile

I stood over the incubator, my hand pressed against the hard plastic, helplessly looking at my newborn daughter struggle to breathe. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. A car accident had sent me into labor 9 weeks early. I was alone – my husband Matthew was still deployed and none of my family had arrived yet. As much physical pain as I was in, the emotional turmoil I felt was so much more deep. My heart ached looking down at the tiny, fragile body with tubes and wires seeming to be everywhere. An alarm sounded nearby jarring me from my thoughts and sending my heart racing. A nurse rushed to a nearby incubator and I sighed a breath of relief. Then the tears started to fall. What if the next alarm was mine? I looked down at my tiny baby girl. She didn’t even have a name yet. We still had six names on the list. She was such a fragile little thing. Please God, please let me keep her long enough to give her a name.