little lost boy

Little lost boy in your sad little world what happened to your dreams? You were going to conquer the world and follow the path to the end of the rainbow. But somewhere on your journey you got lost, off track, miles off course and adrift at sea. Now you struggle to find your way back to the safety of the shore, so many anchors weighing you down. The melancholy sound of a foghorn cuts through the thick night air and a dim light from a distant lighthouse gives you a faint hope. But you have to save yourself, little lost boy. You have to save yourself.

The Hammock

Daily Prompt – Shiver

I lay in the hammock in the backyard, strung between the two old oak trees, barren of leaves in the crisp November air. The afghan that my grandmother knitted is wrapped around me but still I shiver at the thought of you and me and the first night we put the hammock up. We laid together, arms and legs intertwined so I didn’t know where you ended and I began. My head rested on your chest and I could hear your heart beat, mine soon began to beat in time with yours. For a moment the world was silent, there was only the sound of our two hearts beating. You whispered “I love you” and as I looked up I saw a shooting star. If only I had made a wish you might still be here with me, in the hammock between the two old oak trees.