The Lies We Believe

The sadness has returned. That old familiar friend. Uninvited, unwelcome, she sits with me and whispers into my ear about all of my failures and all of my fears. She tells me of the things I cannot do and the things I cannot be simply because I’m me. She smiles her sly smile, knowing I believe her lies. Because I have to believe in something. And she knows it isn’t me.


In that moment, she gave up. The light in her eyes was slowly smothered. She accepted her fate, that cruelest of mistresses. Hearing the voices echo in her ears, taunting her, mocking her. “You don’t have it bad, you ungrateful bitch. You should be thankful.” She sat in her gilded cage, freedom an elusive dream, and wondered if you could die from a broken heart.

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Beyond the Garden

In honor of “hump day,” and the many challenges we, as women, have to overcome in order to reach our purpose & destiny, today I’m sharing a some of my hardest lessons learned. This is not by far the sum total of all of them. Admittedly, I can be very stubborn and hard-headed, so I’ve had to learn many things the hard way.  But this is a great start, and I’d love for this post to become a “collection of lessons” that we can share with each other as well as pass on to future generations.

Here are just a few of mine. I’d love to hear yours as well!

  1. Be careful what you think

I used to think that as long as I didn’t say or act on my thoughts, it was okay. I’ve learned that what I allow myself to think about, ultimately – even if ever so subtly –…

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mySestina’s blogging secrets


Could I share my secrets for the stats in the picture above?

Could you please share this post as much as possible in order to help the existing members and the new comers to the blogging community.

I complete 4 months in the blogging world today and believe me, I have relished every second of my time that I spent on WordPress.

As a newcomer, we all have our questions, hesitations and we strive to learn, to grow, to have more followers, to have more likes and visibililty for our blogs.

Let me share my understanding of how to achieve a little extra on your blog.

  1. Enjoy blogging. Writing must only be done when you enjoy it to the core. We must not write forcefully as the forced writing has no charm and beauty in it.
  2. Speak your heart out and let the world know how you feel through your…

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Liebster Award

I wish to thank Sascha Darlington for nominating me for my first Liebster Award. Sascha is a wonderful writer – her style and creativity are something I aspire to. I appreciate the time she takes to read my posts and her thoughtful comments.


* Write a post to show your award
* Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
* Give a brief story of why you started blogging
* Give advice to your fellow bloggers
* Nominate a few bloggers for the award

Leave a comment to let the nominated bloggers know about the award.

 Why I Started Blogging

I began writing fanfiction (not the kind people usually think about) to quiet my noisy brain and provide a creative outlet. I mostly wrote emotional stories that seemed to have a profound effect on my readers. I found it somewhat limiting and wanted to move on and write with a more original voice. I started blogging daily prompts to develop a habit of writing every day and to stimulate my brain to think out of the box. I love to write short little bursts of thoughts from one word of inspiration. My favorite thing about writing is the feeling I get when I know that I’ve touched someone – emotionally, spiritually – that my words have had an effect on someone’s life.

 My Advice to Fellow Bloggers:

I can’t give sage advice. I’m a novice. I have about a dozen followers and rarely get comments. But when I do get them, I take them to heart and use it to try and improve. But, don’t always worry about followers or comments. Write for yourself, write what you like and the rest will follow. Your blog is unique because you’re unique. Someday that will resonate with someone. Write daily. A few words, a hundred words, a thousand words. Write. And above all, be patient. Writing is not for the faint of heart.

Blog’s I Nominate:


E. Denise Billups


Matthew Tonks

You’re under no obligation to accept this award, but if you do, have fun with it! And, thank you, for your support. I really appreciate your reading and commenting on/liking my posts.

Opening Line

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. The temptation had been there for months, festering like an undressed wound. She tried to ignore the flirtatious smiles, the lingering stares, his fingers grazing her skin as he reached past her on the park bench to tie the shoelaces of the toddler in front of them. Her husband traveled during the week, his wife was trying to make partner, leaving them long afternoons tending to three children, his son and her two daughters.

They met in the park. She, a stay-at-home mother, found relief at the park. Fresh air and time when she could pretend to be alone. He, a writer who worked from home, found inspiration at the park. His senses were on overload picking up every nuance and storing it away in his mind.

They didn’t mean for it to happen. A look turned into a smile. A smile turned into a “hello”.  Soon small talk turned into meaningful conversation. They took solace in one another.  It started out innocently enough. He complained that his wife didn’t listen to what he had to say. She complained that her husband didn’t provide emotional support. Soon complaints turned into accusations. His wife didn’t care, her husband didn’t love her.

Each step brought them closer and closer to this day. The first time. It was at least a fancy hotel room. He spared no expense. She left her daughters with a neighbor, feigning an unexpected appointment. He hired a babysitter leaving no explanation.

They sat awkwardly on the bed wondering if they would be able to go through with it. It was their first time. It was good. It was very good. It wouldn’t be the last.

First blog post

“I am a writer.” I don’t believe it yet so I tell myself this every day to try and convince myself. “I am a writer.” No, I still don’t believe it. I put words on paper. I form grammatically correct sentences with correct spelling and proper punctuation. “I am a writer.” I post stories and sometimes people even read them and say they are good. “I am a writer.” I wonder what it will take for me to believe.