The Lonely One

A lonely child
Hiding in the dark
Praying to be discovered
But fearing to be uncovered

Why can’t she be more like the rest of us?
They asked

A lonely teen
Struggling to fit in
Praying to be accepted
But fearing to be rejected

Why can’t she conform to society’s norms?
They asked

A lonely adult
Standing proudly on her own
Praying to be comprehended
But fearing to be misunderstood

Why can’t they accept me for who I am?
I cried

Slowly I Fade

Slowly I fade

Childhood memories
Tossed about on the pages of my mind
Growing dimmer
With the passing of time

Slowly I fade

Friendships fading
Brittle as autumn leaves
Scattered across the forest floor
A victim of Father Time and Mother Earth

Slowly I fade

Family once gathered
Now torn apart
No ties binding
Only tears and regret for what was

Slowly I fade