Reblogging “A few lessons I’ve learned the hard way”…

Beyond the Garden

In honor of “hump day,” and the many challenges we, as women, have to overcome in order to reach our purpose & destiny, today I’m sharing a some of my hardest lessons learned. This is not by far the sum total of all of them. Admittedly, I can be very stubborn and hard-headed, so I’ve had to learn many things the hard way.  But this is a great start, and I’d love for this post to become a “collection of lessons” that we can share with each other as well as pass on to future generations.

Here are just a few of mine. I’d love to hear yours as well!

  1. Be careful what you think

I used to think that as long as I didn’t say or act on my thoughts, it was okay. I’ve learned that what I allow myself to think about, ultimately – even if ever so subtly –…

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