Dark Cloud Go Away

Daily Prompt – Passionate

I lay in my bed for the fourth day in a row, remote control at my bedside. At least today I had showered and put on fresh pajamas before crawling back into the safe shelter of my down comforter. I stared blankly at the television, unsure of which program was airing at this time of the afternoon. My thoughts briefly strayed and I wondered about the last time I had been happy. I honestly could not remember. There had been days when the sadness wasn’t overwhelming. But a day with a glimmer of happiness, that memory escaped me. I closed my eyes and tried to conjure up tears, but they wouldn’t come. Ironic that I was so depressed I was beyond crying. Or maybe I was just out of tears. I had met my yearly quota. I let out a deep sigh and wished that I could feel passionately about something, anything again. But I knew that was hopeless. Opening my eyes again I stared vacantly at the television.