This Woman’s Work

She woke at 5 am and went for her morning run. Came home, showered and dressed. Woke the children and got them started on their morning routine. Fresh, healthy lunches for the children and husband were packed and sitting on the pristine countertop. Coffee and bagel at the breakfast bar while watching Good Morning America. Kiss for the husband before he left for work and corralling the children into the car for the ride to school. At the drop off circle she was reminded of the bake sale on Thursday, no home baked goods to avoid food allergies. She called her mother on the way to work then, luckily just as she was about to be lectured, she arrived at the parking lot and had to hang up. Her neatly organized desk had her daily schedule prepared by her assistant. She went about her day, efficient, shrewd, competent. After work she picked the children up from their after-school program and listened patiently and attentively as they described their day. At home she got them started on their homework then started dinner, the ingredients already prepared this morning. When her husband came home she listened to him as he complained about his day at work, not once mentioning her day. And he never asked. After dinner the children played and her husband watched a game on TV while she cleaned the kitchen and prepared for the next day. Then she began the bedtime routine, the children bathed and brushed their teeth, she did the same. She then moved from room to room in the house tidying and straightening until it was clean. By the time she made it to bed her husband had fallen asleep. She sighed as she slipped in between the sheets and turned the lamp off, wondering how much longer she could keep this up fa├žade.