Dark Skies

Daily Prompt – Plop

The sky darkened with the coming storm, mirroring my mood. I rushed to get home before the rain started, back to the safety of my home, to the arms awaiting me. Plop. I saw the first drop hit like a plump grape then splatter. Plop. Plop. The drops began a steady beat against the windshield and soon I flicked on the wipers. The weather mimicked my heart and a downpour ensued, forcing me to bend forward just to see the lines on the road. The water pelted a staccato beat on the top of the car.

Finally, I pulled into the parking spot and gave a brief thought to waiting out the storm in the car. I knew I would go insane in the small confines of the metal capsule. I opened the door and made a mad dash for the front door, quickly rushing through and shutting it and the pelting rain behind me. She was sitting on the sofa waiting. “It’s over.” I managed to squeak out before I collapsed into a pool of tears before her. She held me in her arms and let me cry out my fears, my pain, my disappointment. When I was finished I looked into her dark eyes. “He’s gone for good this time.” My best friend cupped my chin with her hand and smiled. “Let’s hope so.”