Ponytails and Sneakers

Daily Prompt – Stylish

I wouldn’t know stylish if it bit me on the ass. As much as I drool over fashion magazines and dream of runway models’ closets, my wardrobe largely consists of yoga pants, t-shirts and jeans. My fancy clothes are slacks, blouses and heels, overdressed three times a week at my part-time job.

When I go to bed and close my eyes I dream I’m a fabulously successful actress at the Oscars, dressed in a couture gown and Christian Louboutins; or a high-powered anything, dressed in a custom-tailored business suit from Milan and Manolo Blahniks. In truth, I stumble in anything with a heel less than two inches high.

I’m a simple girl meant for ponytails and sneakers. But I can dream of French twists and stilettos.

Hey! Its’ Interjection

I love Sheryl’s writing suggestions!

I wrote a book. Now what?

When I’m writing conversation I try to make it flow and express emotion the situation clearly. Conversation is not meant to be filler, nor should it ever be. It must be part of the story, what keeps it moving forward while developing characters and their relationships.

I have learned that a simple statement can be read out of context very easily(I’ve experienced this). The reader isn’t necessarily on the same page as I am, and cant possibly be on the same page if I don’t make my writing and intent clear. This leaves the reader to jump to voicing conclusions and set the tone themselves. This can be influenced by their own mood. You hope that they get it right in their minds voice, that it sounds appropriate. Chances are, if you’re hoping and they’re guessing, it will be wrong. This can lead to a frustrated reader when they find out you meant something different than what they interoperated…

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