Ponytails and Sneakers

Daily Prompt – Stylish

I wouldn’t know stylish if it bit me on the ass. As much as I drool over fashion magazines and dream of runway models’ closets, my wardrobe largely consists of yoga pants, t-shirts and jeans. My fancy clothes are slacks, blouses and heels, overdressed three times a week at my part-time job.

When I go to bed and close my eyes I dream I’m a fabulously successful actress at the Oscars, dressed in a couture gown and Christian Louboutins; or a high-powered anything, dressed in a custom-tailored business suit from Milan and Manolo Blahniks. In truth, I stumble in anything with a heel less than two inches high.

I’m a simple girl meant for ponytails and sneakers. But I can dream of French twists and stilettos.

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