Daily Prompt – Melody

I walked into the shadowy room, furniture covered with sheets, a musty smell in the air. Looking around I saw the photographs on the wall, the ones I had memorized as a child. I saw them every Sunday when we came to visit Granny and Pops for supper. After, the kids would play on the porch while the women cleaned in the kitchen and the men retired with their bourbon. Later there would be music and dancing. My sisters and cousins and I would sit in the corner watching, mesmerized by the scene played out before us. Standing in the empty room now I closed my eyes. A familiar melody played in my head and I was back in the corner watching, mesmerized. A smile crossed my lips and I hummed and swayed to the silent tune. Slowly opening my eyes, I returned to the empty room. I pulled a box across the room and began to fill it with the pictures from the walls. Sighing, I looked out to the sign in the front yard. “For Sale”

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