Sin on a Bun

Daily Prompt – Sandwich

I walked in the back door and dropped my shopping bags on the floor. Kim and I had spent most of the day at the mall and I was exhausted and starving. “Jack, I’m home.” Silence. He hadn’t said anything about going out. I walked into the kitchen and saw it, sitting on the middle of the kitchen island. The sandwich. Circling the island slowly, eyes locked on the heavenly looking snack, I took a deep inhale and closed my eyes, savoring the aroma.

He had shaved the leftover smoked Virginia ham from our dinner the night before and added thinly sliced sweet Vidalia onions, pan-seared long enough to soften and caramelize them to heighten their sweet flavor, then tangy bread and butter pickles, freshly preserved by my mother over the summer just like Granny used to make when I was a child, a hint of Dijon mustard with a slight bite, all on a freshly baked Kaiser roll from my favorite neighborhood bakery.

The sandwich looked absolutely sinful. My stomach growled, a painful reminder that I had skipped breakfast. It was obvious he had put a lot of effort into this masterpiece. “Jackson. You home?” My words echoed through the silent house. Bending down to eye level I stared at the sandwich and weighed my options.

He walked into the kitchen carrying a six-pack and caught me with the last bite in my hand, crumbs on my lips, an orgasmic look on my face and a guilty expression. I could hear the disappointment in his voice. “I forgot the beer.”

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