Daily Prompt – Twinkle

I arrived at the party late and in desperate need of a drink. “My damn boss made me draft the proposal three times before he decided to go with the first draft.” I told Michele as I took a long sip of Chardonnay. My shoulders fell soft for the first time that day. “This has been the longest week, I just want to drink wine, eat . . . what do you have to eat?” My eyes wandered to the kitchen.

Michele grabbed my hand. “Forget about food. I want you to meet Jason. I have a feeling.” I stopped and felt the drag on my arm. Shaking my head at her I glared and stood my ground. “No. NO. When you say you have a feeling it always turns out bad. Remember Brad?”

“What was wrong with Brad? You loved Brad.” Michele had a glowing smile on her face, the matchmaking smile that I hated.

“I loved Brad. Sofia loved Brad. Alicia loved Brad. Veronica loved Brad. That’s what was wrong with Brad.” Her face screwed up like she was going to cry. “Michele, it’s okay, you don’t have to do this. I don’t need a guy to be happy. I’m fine with my Chardonnay.” I held my half-drunk glass up as proof. Still, she looked so defeated.

Best friends since college, she was a hopeless romantic and was always trying to set me up with the perfect man. There had been Brad. And Roger. Before him was Nathan. And Ethan. I sometimes got the two mixed up. “If you really want me to be happy, more wine please.” I drank the last of the wine and handed her the glass.

I slipped into the crowd and made my way toward the kitchen. I hadn’t eaten since lunch and my stomach was growling. Just before I reached the door he turned and looked at me. At 6’ 2” he was much taller than me, even in my heels and his medium length brown hair was obviously tousled from his fingers, probably done unconsciously, but it made him look boyishly handsome and the look distracted me momentarily from my hunger. There was a twinkle in his green eyes and a playful smile on his lips. “I’m sorry miss but if you want access to the kitchen you’ll need the secret word.” He stifled a laugh.

I stared blankly, not quite keeping up with his humor. “Excuse me?”

Michele came up behind me with a glass of Chardonnay. “Oh good, you met Jason. I knew you two would hit it off.”

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