A Date with Destiny

Daily Prompt – Radical

I stared at my reflection and barely recognized the dull, lifeless eyes looking back. When had my life become so monotonous? When had I stopped living and begun to merely exist? I thought back to the days when he and I were together. Everything had a certain shine to it, colors seemed brighter, noises sounded sharper. After he left everything slowly changed. Now I needed something new. A radical, life-altering, no turning back change. Smiling, I pivoted on my toes and went to the bedroom to pack.

Three hours later I had two suitcases in the backseat of my Mustang. I threw my arms around her neck. “Kimmy, I’m gonna miss you so much.” I fought back the tears. “I still can’t believe I’m doing this. You’re sure you can take care of the movers and selling this old place for me?”

My best friend hugged me even tighter. “Of course I can. I’ve got you covered. Honey I’m so happy you decided to do this. You’ve always wanted to move to San Francisco. Mark only held you back. It’s your turn now. Go and shine.”

I climbed into my car and turned the ignition over, the engine roaring to life. With the top down and the radio blaring I made my way down the road, majestically into the sunset as I waved goodbye to Kim and left my old life behind, driving forward toward my new destiny.

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