Sweet Cheat

Daily Prompt – Cheat

The children’s voices called out in the hot summer air. “Marco”, then a chorus of “Polo” from scattered places across the pool. The water provided little relief from the steamy heat of the south Texas heat wave, but the kids seemed oblivious as they continued game after game in the water to pass the day.

“Marco”, the tow-headed boy called yet again. It had been his turn for hours it seemed and he was getting frustrated. He heard the cacophony of voices again, as if taunting him. “Polo”.  Eyes closed he moved in one direction then another. He decided he’d had enough. “Marco”. He waited patiently. “Polo”. The sound came from directly in front of him. He opened one eye, just slightly and saw Madison looking right at him.

In a hushed voice she whispered, “No fair. You cheat.” She kissed him squarely on the lips and swam away, leaving him with a lopsided grin and a renewed spirit. “Marco”!

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