Darkness Follows

Daily Prompt – Moon

I gaze sadly at the night sky. The darkness used to be my favorite time, alone with you snuggled in the chaise on the porch with a blanket wrapped around us. I stay inside now and peer at the sky from the safety of my warm room. Without your warmth the chill of the night air is intolerable. We don’t see the same moon and stars anymore. The sky has lost its shimmery magic. The man in the moon mocks me and the stars blink their disbelief.

I Wander

Daily Prompt – Ghost


The ghost of me wanders this house

As if you had never left

Waiting patiently to hear

The click of the lock on the front door

And feel the rush

Of the cold winter air

As the door opens

And your presence warms

The otherwise bleak foyer

I’ve lost count of the number of weeks

I’ve wandered

Waiting patiently

A ghost of the person

I used to be