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Daily Prompt – Complicated

“Have you told your mother yet?” She asked the question idly while looking at the ring on her left hand. She was still awed by its size and beauty. She couldn’t have chosen a more perfect diamond herself. Looking up she watched as he poured two glasses of wine. He still hadn’t answered the question so she pressed on. “Did you hear me?”

He slowly picked up the wine goblets and paused before turning, fixing a smile on his face. “It’s complicated.” His two-word answer only agitated her. She refused the glass he offered. “How complicated could it be? You proposed, I said yes. That seems pretty simple.” She saw a dark look cross his face so quickly, almost imperceptible but she knew. Her eyebrow raised in suspicion. “Or is the fact that I’m but a lowly shop girl keeping you from telling dear mum?”

His silence was all she needed. She stood and reached for her coat and handbag. He moved quickly to intercept her, an attempt to allay her correct assumptions. “You know my mother has high expectations when it comes to her only son. I have to wait for the right time to tell her. It’s”

Complicated.” She finished the sentence for him, making no attempt to hide the contempt in her eyes. She grabbed the coat from his hands and put it on, slowly buttoning it, prolonging his bewilderment. Removing the engagement ring she placed it in his hand and curled his fingers over it, encasing it in his palm. “When you find an uncomplicated girl you can give her this.”