My fatal flaw

Daily Prompt – Stubborn

I’m stubborn. It’s both a flaw and a strength. When I feel strongly about something I’ll dig my heels in and my faith will not waver. If I’m on your side, you will appreciate my obstinance. Together we will slay dragons and conquer the world.

But when there is discord I refuse to yield. Détente is merely a sophisticated word to me. There is no compromise and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the sword. It’s my fatal flaw really. The fact that I’m stubborn is both a blessing and a curse. It only depends on which side you fall.

Bittersweet Goodbye

How do you say good-bye to an old friend? A person you thought you knew, one you could count on to get you through the hard days. The days when you wanted to give up and curl into a ball and stop living. The one person who could make you smile when all you wanted to do was cry. The person whose laugh could instantly erase the demons from your mind. The person you turned to when you had nobody else. The person who would always say yes when the world said no. How do you say “I don’t want you in my life any more” when it only breaks your heart to feel this way?

Good-bye old friend. I will miss you. But I’m a better person for knowing you.