Old Habits

Daily Prompt – Vice

You were like a forbidden cigarette, stolen puffs in the girls bathroom at Stratford High between English and Biology. An easy habit to start when you’re sixteen years old. I told myself it would be easy to quit. Just like I told myself it would be easy to quit you. But it wasn’t.

Time after time, lie after lie, I kept going back for more. It will be different this time. There was always the hope, that was my salvation. The thought that you would change. And every time, every new beginning, everything was good. Then the lies would start. And my world would begin to unravel.

The cigarettes were easy to quit. But you weren’t. You’re my only vice.

What Is Love

Daily Prompt – Expert

I’m no expert, but I still believe in love. The butterfly-in-your-stomach, stay awake all night talking, goofy smile on your face kinda love that makes you feel like you’re sixteen again and the boy in your algebra class maybe smiled at you when you passed your tests forward. The kinda love where you sit in the movie waiting for him to hold your hand and finally pretend to grab something out of your purse just so your hand brushes his. The kinda love where you confide to your best friend that this one might be THE ONE and start looking at wedding dresses in magazines.

I’m no expert but I still believe in love. The bottom line, spreadsheet can we afford to live together kinda love. The rational, practical are we compatible kinda love. The sensible kinda love that asks do we have common goals. The reasonable kinda love that anticipates what the future might hold and prepares for any circumstance.

I’m no expert but I believe for love to be successful and lasting you need all of the above. The practical and the whimsical. The rational and the breathtaking. The sensible and the thrilling. Packaged together, this love is surely the most durable kinda love.