Brain Noise

Daily Prompt – Obsessed

I am always slightly, or overly obsessed with something. I must have something in my life to capture my attention so thoroughly that the noise in my brain is kept at bay. If I wasn’t obsessed with something at all times my mind would simply explode with the random thoughts that sprout and blossom at a constant and rapid rate. My obsessions keep things manageable; keep me from going stark raving mad.

For a Friend

Daily Prompt – Surface

The pond was still, its surface as smooth as glass. The sun glinted off the azure blue and hit his eyes, his hand raising reflexively to provide shade. He took in a deep breath, the smell of wildflowers and grass heavy in the thick summer air. The heat was oppressive and he could feel beads of sweat rolling down his chest and back.

He recalled his youth; lazy days spent with friends doing nothing and trying hard to stay out of trouble. Everything had been so simple then. He closed his eyes, saying a silent prayer for his recently deceased childhood friend. “This one’s for you Rusty.” He took a running start and did a cannonball off the dock, breaking the clear surface of the water, creating a cascade of waves.

Surfacing, he pushed back his hair and smiled, looking at the bright sky. “I miss you brother.”