Lost Chances

Daily Prompt – Obvious

He smiled at her from across the room. She smiled back. He didn’t want to seem too obvious so he quickly dropped his eyes to the phone in his hand. He counted to ten, an appropriate amount of time he thought. He didn’t want to seem too anxious. Smiling in anticipation he looked up to seek out her eyes. There was only an empty chair where she had been sitting.

Begin Again

Daily Prompt – Miniature

I shoved the key card in the door and when the light flashed green I pushed down on the handle and swung the door inward. The pitch black room had a stale, sanitized odor. I pulled my suitcase behind me while I fumbled for the light switch.

I turned every light on, even the bathroom light, but the room still had a shadowy feel. After months of darkness I yearned for the light. Sighing my relief, for the first time all day I let my shoulders relax.

I turned the shower on full heat, letting the steam fill the small room. Standing under the spray I washed off the remnants of the life I had just left behind.

I pulled my worn cotton pajamas on and took stock of the mini bar. Pulling out a diet soda and two miniature bottles of vodka I settled myself onto the bed, remote control next to me, my journal on my lap, and began to write my story.