Begin Again

Daily Prompt – Miniature

I shoved the key card in the door and when the light flashed green I pushed down on the handle and swung the door inward. The pitch black room had a stale, sanitized odor. I pulled my suitcase behind me while I fumbled for the light switch.

I turned every light on, even the bathroom light, but the room still had a shadowy feel. After months of darkness I yearned for the light. Sighing my relief, for the first time all day I let my shoulders relax.

I turned the shower on full heat, letting the steam fill the small room. Standing under the spray I washed off the remnants of the life I had just left behind.

I pulled my worn cotton pajamas on and took stock of the mini bar. Pulling out a diet soda and two miniature bottles of vodka I settled myself onto the bed, remote control next to me, my journal on my lap, and began to write my story.

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