Ferry Boats and Shooting Stars

Daily Prompt – Reach

Our laughter fills the night air as you pull me in for a long kiss. I can taste the whiskey on your tongue, the bite contrasts to the sweet wine I’ve drunk. Leaning against the rail I see the dark, churning water below. There’s something romantic about a ferry boat ride to Nantucket for a long romantic weekend. Even on this cool September night I insist we stand outside under the full moon. I see a shooting star and in my excitement tug on your sleeve, urging you to make a wish. I’ve already made mine and smile at your profile, pronounced by the light of the moon and stars, watching as you intently think then close your eyes, a silent prayer lifted to the universe.

As we near our destination I’m content to stand encircled in your arms, your warmth radiates onto me providing respite from the cool, damp fall air. An involuntary shiver runs down my spine and you pull me closer against your body, my back against your chest, my ass against your groin. I can feel your desire and think of the delicious night that lies ahead. You can’t see the wicked smile that crosses my lips but my hands reach behind me to grab your ass and pull you closer still. I can see the dock ahead and I’m counting the minutes until we’re safely in our room, locked away from prying eyes, alone and intimately close. I try to steady my breath, pacing myself, waiting.

Suddenly I feel a jolt and lose my footing. I’m tousled about like a leaf in a strong wind. Grasping, I reach for your hand and feel only your fingers, slipping away until it’s just the fingertips then nothing but space. In slow motion I fly through the air, like an astronaut in zero gravity, with no particular destination. I feel a dull thud as I crash against the railing then an icy shock as I hit the water.

I plunge underneath the surface, taking in a mouthful of acrid water before I realize where I am. Kicking my feet, I push upward and emerge from the depths, spitting out the water then taking a deep inhale. I look around in shock, trying to get my bearings. Carnage surrounds me. Twisted metal, bodies, flotsam and jetsam. It feels like years since I was on the deck, encircled in your arms. I twirl in the water, screaming your name. The full moon doesn’t provide enough light to find my way to you. I paddle in one direction then another desperate to find you.

A rescue raft approaches and a man extends his hand. My self-preservation kicks in and I reach for it. My heart sinks at the thought of abandoning you to the icy water. I pray that my wish upon the shooting star will come true. That you will be the one who makes my life complete.

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