it never ends

Daily Prompt – Maybe

Maybe today I’ll start writing that story. The one I thought of at 3 am on Thursday when I couldn’t sleep. I know I have notes written somewhere. Oh, here’s the invitation to my nephew’s wedding. Maybe I’ll get online and pick out a gift from their registry since the wedding is in three weeks. Let me just sign in. Oh, an email from my mother. I forgot to return her call last week. Now she’s giving me the guilt trip in writing. Maybe I should call her, where’s my cell phone. I think I left it on the charger, upstairs. Aargh, why do those boys think it’s okay to leave their shoes and books on the stairs? I’ll drop them on their bedroom floor on the way. Good Lord, when did the tornado hit this room? Maybe we need to have another talk about cleanliness. Where was I? Oh yes, the phone. Maybe after I call mom I can take a long nice soak in the bath. That will help me relax and I’ll sleep better. Then I won’t be up at 3 am thinking about a new story. Wait, maybe before I call mom I should start writing that story while it’s fresh in my mind.

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