Look Into My Eyes

Daily Prompt – Paint

I pull up to the building and stare with vacant eyes. Sitting for the few precious remaining moments in my air-conditioned car, I listen to the sad song chosen especially for the drive. Lately everything I do is chosen to reflect my sad state of mind. I’ve begun to retreat inside myself, to my imaginary world where I am in control. Where things go smoothly and the world seems right and just and everything has a shiny Disney tint.

But there are times, like right now, sitting in my car waiting to go to work, when I have to return to reality. When the real world intrudes on the perfect world I’ve constructed in my head. Sighing, I check my makeup in the mirror and paint a smile on my face. I note the sadness in my eyes. I can’t change that, only hope that nobody will see past the fake smile and notice that it doesn’t quite extend to my eyes. The eyes always tell the story. If you want to know about anyone, look into their eyes. You will see everything you need to see.

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