Daily Prompt – Craving

My eyes flutter open and I look at the clock. 3 am. I have a craving that only you can fill. A need deep inside me; physical, carnal, emotional, spiritual, all at once. I reach for your side of the bed and feel the cool sheets under my fingers. Blinking I try to remember. Yes, you left three days ago. The note on the bedside table said you would be back sometime in the fall. You had to find yourself.

Turning on my side I reach for your pillow and pull it against my body, as if it could replace you. It smells of your cologne and sweat and our love. I close my eyes and let my memories of our last time flood over me as I touch myself, allowing a physical release that would have to suffice. My craving will not be completely sated until the leaves make their magical transformation into their splendid autumn color palette. Until you return to me.

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