My torment and salvation

Daily Prompt – Muse

My muse likes to taunt me. Like a mermaid perched on a rock in the middle of the rough seas she calls to me. And I, always naive, grasp at her. I can feel her graze against my fingertips, just out of reach. She calls me to her rocky shores, dangerous territory to a novice writer like me. I have not yet learned to navigate the highs and lows that writers experience from a coquettish muse.  She mocks me and I respond with resentment and indignation. But muse has far more experience than I. She giggles and retreats to her perch, waiting for my next foray into the written word.


Daily Prompt – Profound

Profound. Such an easy word to write about, I thought. I sat and thought and nothing came to mind. This is silly. It shouldn’t be this hard. I’ll look up the definition. Adj: having deep insight or understanding; deep meaning; going beneath what is superficial. Okay, now we’re talking. Here we go. . . . Still nothing. Perhaps it’s the word itself that intimidates me. How can I write about something being profound when the word evokes such high standards and lofty ideals. My life is not profound. I’m just an average sort of person living an average sort of life. I’m prone to sarcasm. At times I am humorous. But profound is not a word I use in my everyday vernacular. it really does intimidate me. Perhaps because I like being an average sort of person living an average sort of life. Even if I really could be more. It feels safe. And for now I think I’ll stay on the safe side.