The Price of Fame

She sat on her sofa and looked out the floor-to-ceiling glass windows at the city lit up below her. The view of L.A. from her perch high in the Hollywood Hills was breathtaking, yet to her it had become ordinary. She felt like a caged bird. Everywhere she went she was hunted by the paparazzi and eager fans, curious to watch how a celebrity lives. Lifting the glass of wine to her lips she sighed. If they saw her now; face free of make-up, wearing yoga pants and a tank top with her long dark hair pulled into a pony tail; there was no glamour in her life outside of the red-carpet appearances and media events that were part and parcel of the career she chose. She preferred the days when she could wander the grocery store aisles in her UCLA ball-cap and sweat pants and nobody recognized her. Although her closet held an array of dazzling couture gowns and designer heels, she was most comfortable in Levi’s, a t-shirt and a beanie. But she knew her life was far from ordinary. Deep down she knew when she signed her first movie contract, it was as if she had signed a deal with the devil himself. Sitting here now, in her castle on high, she wondered if the price was worth the sacrifice.

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