Again and Again and Again

I told him it was over. He promised he would change if only I would stay. He loved me and couldn’t stand the thought of losing me. He said he would do anything, change anything, whatever it took. As long as I stayed. It took me a week to decide. Our relationship hadn’t broken down overnight and it sure as hell couldn’t be fixed with a few words or empty promises. But his demeanor was different. He was attentive, he listened to what I had to say. He even asked me questions, thoughtful and insightful questions. I thought he really did want to change, that he wanted to save our relationship. So, I stayed. And it was good – for a while. Then he fell into his old ways. It began slowly, almost imperceptibly. A little late from work to have a drink with the guys. Asking me to repeat my question because he was watching the television instead of listening to me. Talking me out of tickets to the art gallery opening in lieu of tickets to the ball game. He was taking me for granted, ignoring me, not willing to share my interests. We were leading separate lives but somehow together. And it was killing me. So, I told him it was over. He promised he would change if only I would stay. I didn’t know how many times I could repeat this pattern.

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