And Then I Met You – 16

Characters: Actor Chris Evans, OFC Kayla Brooks
Warnings: Oral Sex, penetration

Chapter 16

The night of the premiere for Avengers: Age of Ultron came. Kayla was still hiding from the media which meant being hidden from view on the red carpet. She didn’t even want to stand with Lisa, Shanna and Carly for fear of being photographed again.

While all the guests made their red carpet arrivals, she was escorted to the interior of the theater through a side entrance where she waited for Chris and his family. Lisa arrived first and she was laughing as she approached Kayla. “You won’t believe Chris when you see him.”

“Oh no, what happened? Is he okay?” Kayla started to imagine the worst, knowing how Chris’ anxiety could easily spiral out of control. She should have been by his side. Or at least nearby. Fuck, why did this have to be so hard?

“Someone broke out a bottle of tequila at the Kimmel taping. Chris apparently likes tequila as much as you do.” Lisa winked at her.

Kayla’s eyes flew open wide and she put her head in her hand and groaned. “Oh shit. How drunk is he?”

“Well, he’s not obnoxious but he’s definitely going to feel it tomorrow.” Lisa put her hand on Kayla’s shoulder to reassure her. “He’ll be fine.”

Carly came up to join them with Shanna right behind her. “You should see Chris. He’s flirting with a microphone.” They broke into a fit of laughter and Kayla couldn’t help but to join in. Apparently this was a side of Chris that she hadn’t seen but was not surprising, at least not to his family.

She looked at the Evans girls and saw where Chris got his compassionate side. She had just met them and already adored them, she could only imagine how he felt about them. She smiled and thought to herself that she might have just found a place where she fit in. Then her stomach twitched and she felt dizzy.

Chris approached and she got her bearings back, at least temporarily. He looked absolutely gorgeous in his pin-striped suit that complemented his eyes. He actually took her breath away, something she was unaccustomed to. She beamed at him but kept her distance, one that he didn’t seem very interested in maintaining.

She shook her head in warning but he ignored her and stood nearly toe to toe with her. Still smiling she admonished him. “What the fuck are you doing asshole? Are you trying to out us as a couple?”

In his tipsy Boston accent, he slyly replied “If I was gonna do that I’d just pull you close, grab your ass and kiss you senseless.”

She took two steps backwards, looking for help from the Evans women. She caught Lisa’s eye and while she waited for some motherly intervention she teased him. “You don’t know what you just started Evans. Remember, I don’t always play nice.” She winked at him as Lisa gracefully led Chris away.

They didn’t see each other until the after party. Chris had left her with a member of his publicity team and asked his family to keep an eye on her as well. He knew she felt uncomfortable in this atmosphere. Hell, so did he, at least they had that in common. But he didn’t want to scare her away during her first experience with Hollywood.

He scanned the room and saw her. He grabbed a glass of wine for her and a beer for himself and walked to where she stood, offering her the wine. “How did you like the movie?” He stepped a little closer to her waiting for her answer.

“It was really good. Your performance was amazing. Chris I had no idea. I know I joke about you being Captain America but you make him very real and very different from the real Chris Evans.” He beamed with pride. Of all the compliments he had received, this one probably meant the most to him. Maybe because she never wanted any part of Chris Evans the actor.

He inched closer and stared into her eyes, licking his lips. He had the look in his eyes, the look right before he kissed her. “Don’t even think about it Evans. You don’t want to play this game.”

“Maybe I do. Games can be fun.” His eyes roamed her body and she felt as if he was touching her. Just as he started to speak again he was pulled away by his agent. Kayla was relieved. But she also hatched a plan to see just how much he liked games.

Kayla hugged the walls for most of the night, watching with interest how the event unfolded. She had zoned out a bit and suddenly felt a hand on her waist and Chris’ breath on her neck. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” She could smell the alcohol and knew he was at the very least buzzed. She carefully brushed his hand away. “You really don’t want to play this game Evans.”

A couple joined them and Chris introduced them as Robert Downey Jr and his wife Susan Downey. Robert made some jokes about Kayla taming Chris. While they talked Kayla’s eyes went back and forth from Chris to the couple. Whenever Chris looked at her she bit her bottom lip or licked it, giving him a seductive look. She used her body language to sexually flirt with him and his grin told her he had caught on to her game.  After several minutes she excused herself to go to the restroom. As she walked away she looked over her shoulder and winked at Chris.

When Kayla emerged from the restroom she found that Chris was briefly alone. She walked up behind him and purred in his ear. “I imagined my finger was your hard cock. My orgasm was incredible.” He felt her slip something into his jacket pocket then she backed away and left.

He reached into his pocket and felt the lace of her panties. Turning them around in his fingers he felt the wetness of the lace and his growing erection. She really didn’t play nice. He looked around and found her standing next to his mother. They locked eyes and she had a devilishly playful look on her face. She lifted her finger to her mouth and rubbed her lip. He just shook his head, plotting his revenge when they were back at his house later that night. Then he adjusted his uncomfortable rod in his pants.

Chris returned from the foreign press tour exhausted. Kayla knew the stress of the media events and that all the attention took its toll on him. She wanted to be with him, to support him; unfortunately, she couldn’t leave work or school. Scott had accompanied him at least and that had helped.

They only had a few days together before he had to leave for Atlanta to begin filming. This is what she had been dreading. She had done the long distance thing with Kyle both before and after they were married. It had been difficult and it took a lot of hard work to make it happen. Then with the added stress of a war, the emotional toll had been tremendous.

Now she was dating a very famous, very handsome, very delicious man. Chris claimed to only have eyes for Kayla but they had never been apart. She was certain some of his fans would be willing to do anything for him. And he had a serious reputation as a player. She wasn’t the jealous type per se but she was beginning to develop insecurities and she didn’t like the feeling.

They had both avoided any serious discussion about their future. Chris didn’t want to put any more pressure on Kayla than she already had with school, work and her personal issues. But he was certain he wanted her to be waiting for him when he returned from filming.

Kayla’s feelings weren’t as clear. For so long she had been focused on her career, pushing everything else to the side. Now she had an amazing guy who wanted to be with her. But the thought of giving her heart to a man and having it crushed again scared her to death.

Now they sat on the couch pretending to watch a movie, each one lost in their own thoughts. Kayla was in her favorite position, nestled into the corner of the L-shaped couch with her legs draped over Chris’ lap.

Chris finally brought up the subject. “I think we should talk about what happens when I leave.”


Chris frowned at her one-word response. “I’ll be gone four months.”

“I can count.” She tried not to look directly at him, instead focusing on the writing on his t-shirt.

“Kay, look at me.” She finally looked up. “This is important to me, please don’t blow me off. I want you to be here when I get back. Do you want the same thing?” Kayla looked away again. Chris pushed her legs off his lap and stood, walking to stare out the window. “I guess I have my answer.”

Kayla took a deep breath, pulling her legs tightly against her body. Then she spoke softly, almost a whisper. “My life was just fine. I went to work. I went to school. I was taking care of myself. And then I met you.” Her breath caught in her throat before she continued. “And you made me want to live again. You made me want to feel again.” A few stray tears began to fall down her cheeks. “You made me love again.”

Chris turned with his mouth slightly apart, a stunned look on his face. “I love you Chris. I want to be here when you get back. But there are so many obstacles to overcome.”

He was by her side in mere seconds. “Say it again.”

“I love you.” She stayed in her defensive posture, hands wrapped around her knees as if protecting her heart. She knew what she said made her vulnerable but she knew she had to say it. If she didn’t she was going to walk away.

Chris smiled and he reached out and gently tucked her hair behind her ears. “I love you too. With my heart and soul, I love you.” He kissed her softly and waited for her to respond before he deepened the kiss. His fingers wove into her hair and his tongue explored her mouth, seeking hers to playfully twist together. He felt his desire build and he pulled back.

“I’m going to take you to my bed and make love to you. Then we’ll talk. Then I’m going to make love to you again. And again.” She nodded in agreement.

They held hands as he led her to his bedroom. Kissing, nibbling, savoring each moment they slowly, almost methodically undressed each other. She laid back on the bed and he parted her thighs, lifting them slightly over his arms. The rough scratching of his beard combined with the soft gentle kisses on her sensitive skin drove her wild. She moaned with pleasure, spurring him on.

He moved to her outer lips, already wet with anticipation, and lapped with the width of his tongue. “Mmmm, Chris.” His fingers parted her and he moved to her inner core, his tongue darting into her center. She jerked slightly and he pulled back, inserting a finger where his tongue had been, giving him deeper access to her pussy. She took a deep intake of breath.

He began a rhythm with one finger while his tongue lapped at her lips and when her moans began to mimic his motions he inserted a second finger. She groaned with the added bulk. “Fuck.” Was all she could manage. He continued his assault with his fingers while his tongue moved to her clit. He changed his position and curved his fingers to reach her g-spot. She bucked up against his hand.

“Chris fuck. Right there.” Her hands went to his head and grasped handfuls of hair. “Fuck that’s the spot. Fuck baby that feels so good.”

He sucked on her clit and her words turned into moans, mere sounds of delight. As she neared her peak she managed to vocalize “Fuck, fuck Chris fuck” before she began to release his hair and breathe again.

He brushed his mouth against her thigh then crawled up her body, placing kisses from her hips to her breasts, stopping to suck on her nipple bringing it to peak. She arched her back in pleasure and moaned then pulled him up to her and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips and tongue.

“I love you Chris.” She was looking directly, deeply into his eyes and he felt like she was peering into his soul. He kissed her and reached into the bedside table for a condom. He rolled it onto his rock hard cock and positioned himself at her opening. Before he entered her he said “I love you too baby.”

His first thrust was gentle but deep and she gasped. He pulled out almost to the tip and she was ready for the next, her hips meeting his. They developed a rhythm and she soon begged for him to move faster, gripping his arms then grasping his back, digging her fingernails in with each thrust. He felt incredible inside her but it wasn’t enough.

“Chris, baby, I want you from behind.” He stopped and pulled out, allowing her to turn over on all fours.

Admiring the view of her ass he placed his hands on her hips. “Fuck. Your ass is incredible.” He entered her from behind and pushed in until his balls hit her pussy. She moaned in delight. “Yes, fuck that’s what I want.” He picked up his pace and was soon fucking her furiously, both groaning and crying out with pleasure.

“Fuck Kayla, this feels incredible.” She dropped down on the bed to her elbows, allowing him deeper access and he growled. “Fuuuccckk. Oh my God. Fuck.” His thrusts hit her harder and deeper still. He was hitting her in just the right spot and she began to peak again.  To add to her pleasure, she moved one hand between her legs. She briefly felt Chris’ cock as it moved inside her and he cried out. “Jesus Kayla. Fuck, I’m gonna explode.”

“Wait for me babe.” Her fingers moved to her clit and she moved in a slow circle, picking up the pace as she rose to an orgasm inside and out. She called out. “Fuck Chris I’m getting close. Fuck baby. Are you there?”

“I’m close, I’m ready. Kay, fuck. I’m gonna come.”

“Chris, now. I’m coming. Now, fuck. FUCK.” She cried out as waves of pleasure washed over her. Her pussy clenched around his cock and he had a death grip on her hips as released himself into the condom and cried out. “Fuck. Kayla. Shit.”

They stayed in place for moments after, then Chris finally withdrew and tied the condom, tossing it and collapsing next to Kayla. He pulled her close to him and kissed her forehead. “I love you. We’ll make this work. It has to work.”

She nodded against his chest, wanting to believe him, hoping he was right.

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