Ode to Me

I sit alone. Fiercely proud of where I am, the obstacles I have overcome, the challenges I have met. Some I have faced with help, but too many I have faced alone. Like a cherub meeting Satan face to face, toe to toe. Not quite a fair fight, a scrap to be sure. I’ve always come out of it alive, but, unscathed? No, I have my scars. Some visible and some hidden far from sight; I’m careful to keep those from view. Too many questions and my world might come unhinged. Still, I’m here. Alone, but proud of where I am and how far I’ve come.

What’s in a Word?

Daily Prompt – Wind

I wind down the curving dirt drive, minding the potholes and making a mental note to tell him to fill them in. It doesn’t matter that nobody visits. I’m somebody. I visit every weekend. I guess daughters don’t count.

I pull up to the house, turn off the ignition and sit in the still silence looking at my childhood home. The faded blue paint is peeling off the shutters and front steps. Cobwebs have taken over all of the corners of the expansive porch. The windows could use a good cleaning but the screens have recently been replaced and the two wooden rocking chairs on the porch have fresh paint. Dad is ready for spring.

Maybe it’s a good sign. Since my mom died I’ve had to fight with him over the smallest of things. From wiping down the kitchen counters each night to sweeping the front porch. The porch I can overlook. I walk inside carrying bags of groceries and see no crumbs on the counters. I’ll take this small victory and move on to the next. Maybe I can even overlook the potholes for the time being. Sometimes moving forward means taking baby steps.