And Then I Met You – 7

Characters: Actor Chris Evans, OFC Kayla Brooks

Warnings: None, Fluff

Chapter 7

All her life Kayla had a habit of making strange faces when she was thinking and the more she thought the stranger the face. So Chris couldn’t help but laugh when her nose crinkled up, one side of her mouth caved in on itself and her right eye squinted at him.

“Chris, it’s not that I don’t want to go on a date with you. It’s just that I don’t want to go on a date with Chris Evans.” Kayla did her best to look serious but the squinty thing wasn’t working well for her.

Chris gave her a puzzled look and shook his head. “Kayla that made absolutely no sense.”

“I like you. I like Chris. The guy who stalked me at the grocery store because he found me challenging. And the guy who knows how to get the keys out of my car locks. I want to date him. Not Chris Evans aka Captain America; Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor. I don’t want to be the flavor of the week on some magazine cover.”

“Hey, I stalked you for three weeks at the grocery store and the hospital. Jason Bourne style with code names and everything. That deserves at least flavor of the month.” Kayla rolled her eyes and Chris made a goofy grinning face at her until she was laughing. He let the silence fall between them like a soft snowfall.

Then he got serious again. “Dating me isn’t easy. I’m not going to lie. But I promise you that I will do everything I can to protect you.” She made another strange squinty face at him and he brushed his fingers down her nose. “I want you to believe that you’re worth the effort.” He kissed her softly and she sighed, eyes closed and smiling, nodding her head in agreement.

“Is that a ‘yes I will have dinner with you’ or a ‘yes you are a fabulous kisser’?” Chris asked cheekily.

“Well it was hardly the type of kiss one could use for judging purposes so I suppose it means it was yes I will have dinner with you.” Chris smiled at Kayla’s sassy response. One hand caressed the side of her face and pulled her closer to him. His lips claimed hers, softly at first then becoming more insistent.

The faint smell of his cologne tickled her nose as his fingers wound through her hair. Her lips slowly parted with a soft, almost imperceptible moan. His tongue gently swept against her bottom lip. She tasted of cinnamon and spice and he savored the moment before exploring further. She opened herself to him further, resting her hands on his chest. Their mouths fused together, tongues dancing to a silent tune as their kiss intensified. Kayla could hear each beat of her heart as it grew to a crescendo.

Chris moved his hand down to cradle her neck and his touch sent tiny electric shocks through her body. She hummed with pleasure. He brought his lips together, sucking her bottom lip in between. As his lips broke free from hers she drew in a deep breath. Everything slowly came back into focus. Chris eased back and rested his forehead against hers. Her eyes still closed, she breathed out a satisfied sigh. “Yes to that other thing too.”

Later that night Kayla was sitting on her bed crying when she heard a knock on her door. “Kay, can I come in?” Her roommate and best friend Jessica peeked around the door. “Everything okay?”

Kayla sighed. “It was a beautiful, sensual, perfect kiss and I have no right to cry over it.” Tears began to fall from her eyes again. Jess sat on the edge of the bed. “So why are you crying?”

“Because I remember the last time I was kissed. I remember the exact day, the exact hour, the exact minute. I remember everything about it. Because it was the last kiss I ever got from Kyle.” She started to sob. “I don’t think I’m ready for this Jess.”

“Kayla, you have to do it some time. You can’t wait forever. Kyle wouldn’t want that.” She moved closer and rubbed her friend’s back. “You like Chris. I can tell by the way your eyes look when you talk about him.”

“I feel guilty. I shouldn’t have liked that kiss so much.” Kayla’s tears were slowing and she grabbed a tissue to blow her nose.

“So you liked the kiss. It must have been a good kiss. That’s not a bad thing ya know. This is part of the grieving process. You of all people should know that.” Kayla looked skeptical. “You’re not betraying him Kay. Look at this as a professional. This is a healthy step.”

Kayla shrugged. “You’re probably right.” Jess hugged Kayla tight. “Of course I’m right. I always am.”

Two days later Kayla wasn’t sure what to expect for her date with Chris. She didn’t want to admit to Jess that she was nervous, but it was apparent by the terrified look on her face.

“Kay, he’s just a guy. You said so yourself. He’s normal. Just be normal. I know that’s quite a stretch for you.”

Kayla stuck her tongue out at Jess, threw a pillow at her and went back to staring blankly at her closet. “I hate to tell you but you can look all day and nothing is going to magically appear.” Jess disappeared around the corner leaving Kayla alone with her thoughts.

Kayla hadn’t paid attention to fashion in years. With Kyle gone there was nobody to get dressed up for. Maybe she shouldn’t have waited nearly two years to date again. “Jess, can I raid your closet?”

“I’ve been waiting hours for you to ask me. I think you should try the purple and grey scoop neck dress” her voice got louder as she approached her bedroom and walked to the open closet, pulling out a dress, “the color will bring out your eyes and the skirt will hit you just right on the thighs.” Jess knew Kayla was somewhat modest and being a few inches taller than her, the shorter skirt on Jess would be perfect for Kayla’s taste.

Kayla had no idea what she was going to talk to him about. Their short interactions had been filled with humor and sarcasm. She had a feeling tonight would have a more serious tone. Was she ready for serious? She stared at her reflection and slapped her cheeks. Pull it together Brooks. He’s a hot eligible bachelor who can have any woman he wants. He’s probably not looking for serious. Just go with it. That’s what she told herself anyway.

Kayla dressed and went to the full length mirror in Jessica’s room. Standing before it, looking first at the front then turning to look at her back side she was satisfied with her appearance. Jess had already helped with her hair and makeup. Kayla usually wore her hair in a casual ponytail and didn’t do much with makeup. She never really found the need to look special; until tonight. Now she was really nervous.

With ten minutes to spare she went to the kitchen and poured half a glass of Riesling to calm her nerves. When the doorbell rang she jumped. No longer a practicing Catholic, she still made the sign of the cross and looked to the heavens for help. No sense taking any chances.

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