And Then I Met You – 4

Characters: Actor Chris Evans, Scott Evans

Warnings: None, Fluff

Chapter 4

“Dude, you can’t keep stalking her at the grocery store.” Scott opened a beer and handed it to Chris who was slumped on the couch, a position he had been in a lot lately.

“How else am I supposed to talk to her? I don’t know her number, I don’t know where she lives, I don’t know . . . I don’t know anything about her.” Chris looked bewildered and defeated at the same time.

Scott took a long sip of his beer and pointed the bottle at Chris, “That’s the point. You know nothing about this girl. Why are you trying so hard?” He was concerned that this girl had gotten under his brother’s skin so quickly.

“Honestly Scott, I don’t know.” Chris had thought about it. A lot. He had been to parties. He had been to clubs. He had been out with friends. He had met a lot of girls. But none of them compared to Kayla. He didn’t know why.

He took a drink. She was pretty but not beautiful. She was feisty and sarcastic and funny. She didn’t fawn over him. In fact, she wasn’t afraid to bust his balls. She was real. She was strong-willed. She was independent to a fault. But underneath Chris sensed that there was more, something that drove her to be all the things she was because she had to be. Because she had no choice but to be all those things. And that intrigued him.

He could picture her without even closing his eyes. Standing a good half foot shorter than him, she had light brown hair the color of butterscotch which she always wore in a pony tail. She didn’t wear a lot of make-up which only served to give her a fresh faced look. Her light green eyes shone with flecks of brown that lit up when she was riled, which seemed to happen a lot around him. Her hair and eyes coupled with ivory skin made him guess she had some Irish heritage of her own.

She had a medium frame with curves in the places he preferred; a nicely rounded ass, well toned legs and an ample chest proportionate to the rest of her body. Certainly not made of silicone. Mostly, she didn’t look like a twig who didn’t eat – the most popular look in L.A. She looked real. He smiled and moved in his seat to adjust his growing erection. Just thinking about her had him keyed up.

“Dude, let’s go out. Just get your mind off her for a while. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone?” Scott sounded so hopeful and excited that Chris couldn’t say no. Scott made some calls, they took a few minutes to groom themselves, Scott took a little longer than Chris, then they hopped into Chris’ SUV and left.

Several hours later, Chris sat alone in the corner of the bar nursing his second beer of the night. A trio of scantily clad young women approached him and tried to engage him in conversation. Scott watched from across the room as they twirled their hair and giggled and flirted with Chris. He knew they had no chance at all with his brother. This was not the kind of girl Chris was attracted to. Still, it was amusing to watch so he let them continue their attempts to seduce one of Hollywood’s hottest most eligible bachelors.

Chris inconspicuously motioned to Scott for help with the lala ladies as he liked to call them, but his brother either didn’t see him or didn’t want to help. His hand motions became more apparent and more desperate until the girls finally gave up and moved on, dropping a few choice words as they left. Scott sauntered over, grinning like the Cheshire cat, and sat next to Chris.

“Seriously dude?” Chris glared at Scott out of the side of his right eye, not even bothering to turn his head.

Scott chuckled at his brother’s expense. “You’re supposed to be having fun, meeting women, getting phone numbers, forgetting grocery girl.”

“Stop calling her grocery girl. She has a name. It’s Kayla.” Chris emptied his beer and motioned to the waitress for another. “Kayla Brooks. Not grocery girl. Okay?” His voice rose in anger with each word.

Scott frowned. He wasn’t used to seeing this side of his brother. Usually easy-going and happy, Chris didn’t normally stress about women. “Alright. Alright, settle down.” He paused to give Chris time to calm himself. “Well, Kayla has turned you down twice already. So how many more times will it take for you to get the hint? I don’t think she’s going to change her mind.”

The waitress brought Chris a fresh beer and he took a long drink. “Maybe you’re right. I’ve been in L.A. too long.” He laughed at himself. “I can’t expect every woman to say yes to a date with me. I’m moping because one girl said no. What an egotistical ass I am.” He took another sip. “I don’t need the approval of every girl I meet right? I mean, she’s just not the right one.” Chris tried to convince himself that he wasn’t interested in Kayla anymore. “It wouldn’t have worked anyway. She’s way too . . .” He let that thought drop off and took another drink of his beer.

“Of course bro. She’s not the right one. Besides, you don’t need that right now. You’re young, you’re in your prime and your career is huge right now. No time to worry about relationships.” Scott took the opportunity to reinforce what Chris was saying, hoping he would finally put grocery girl out of his mind.

Chris took a deep breath and chugged the remaining beer in his bottle then signaled the waitress for another. “Is there anyone in here who doesn’t twirl their hair?” Scott smiled hopefully.

Chris sat with Scott and their friends smiling, laughing, making jokes and talking to the girls who stopped by their table. He even got a few phone numbers. Scott was encouraged when he saw Chris deep in conversation with a drop-dead gorgeous woman. Their body language was awesome and he hoped that this meant he would be hitching a ride home with someone other than Chris tonight.

Chris was enjoying his conversation with Megan. Or was it Morgan? Damn, he had to figure out a way to find out which it was. She was gorgeous and intelligent and easy to talk to. And she didn’t twirl her hair. She had a nice laugh, which he knew because she laughed at almost everything he said. Even when it wasn’t very funny. Still, she wasn’t patronizing. And she was gorgeous and intelligent and easy to talk to, he kept reminding himself she was gorgeous and intelligent and easy to talk to.

After a few more beers he finally relaxed and gave up and for the rest of the night he managed to forget about Kayla and had a pretty good time with Morgan. He found out her name was Morgan and not Megan on the ride home alone with Scott.

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