And Then I Met You – 12

Characters: Actor Chris Evans, OFC Kayla Brooks

Warnings: Oral sex, penetration

Chapter 12

Kayla had been spending more time at Chris’ house lately and he was enjoying having her in his life. He tried not to think too far ahead, to when he would have to leave for filming. It was coming way too soon. He just wanted to enjoy what they had right now. She was slowly opening up to him and it was killing him to be patient. But she was so different than the women he usually dated he was willing to wait and see where this would lead.

She was leaning back against the couch cushion with her feet pulled underneath her bottom. She was scrunching her face up again, which Chris was beginning to find absolutely adorable. He grinned from ear to ear.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at him warily. “I don’t trust a guy without a dark side.” Chris’ eyes flew open wide in surprise.

“Where did you hear that? Did you see something on the internet? Did I leave a script lying around? Did someone at work say something?”

Kayla’s eyebrows came together and she looked at him like he had lost his mind. “What are you talking about? You sound a little paranoid.”

“That is the exact line in the Avengers movie that’s coming out in May. Are you sure you didn’t hear it somewhere? Does anyone know we’re dating?” Chris had a concerned look on his face and was truly in distress.

Kayla chuckled. “Honestly Chris. Nobody knows we’re dating. I didn’t hear it anywhere. It’s not exactly original. But I guess great minds think alike. Maybe I should quit school and become a screenwriter.” She playfully pushed her foot against his thigh.

“All I’m saying is there’s nothing wrong with you and there’s something wrong with that.” Chris laughed and rolled his eyes at her usual illogical logic. She huffed and continued. “You’re tall but not too tall and you’re muscular but not cartoonish. You’re handsome but not chiseled. Your teeth are almost perfect. And your smile,” she rolled her eyes, “don’t get me started.”

“You’re thoughtful and sweet and patient. You’re handsome and sexy. You’re nice and funny and sweet. You’re not chauvinistic and you don’t objectify women.” She cocked her head to the side. “There is literally nothing wrong with you. And I don’t trust that. I don’t trust anyone who seems perfect. Because everyone has something to hide. Everyone has a dark side.”

Chris grabbed her foot and tugged at her leg dragging her across the cushions and pulled her onto his lap while she shrieked. “I’ll show you my dark side.” His mouth closed in on her neck and he bit gently into the tender flesh, quickly pressing soft kisses onto the reddened spot. Kayla gasped in surprise then shifted on his lap, grinding herself against his groin.

He moaned and threaded his fingers through her hair, pulling her to him. Their kisses were always intense but this one was pure electricity. She wound her arms around his neck and gave in to him; feeling sparks fire in the synapses throughout her entire body. Their lips crushed together, tongues twisted and danced. Chris moved his hands down her back causing her to shiver involuntarily and shimmy her hips. He groaned and moved his hands there, holding her against his erection. He moved her in a slow circle allowing the friction to build tension deep within him. Kayla closed her eyes and her head dropped back allowing a soft moan to escape her lips.

“Kayla?” She lifted her head to look at him. Chris searched her eyes for any sign of hesitation. Kayla gave him a hungry stare which was all he needed. He stood, swooping her up in his arms on the way and carried her across the room. “Chris put me down. I feel like your wench.” He set her down and she took off running down the hall towards his bedroom. He chased after her and was surprised to find her already lying in the center of the bed, propped up on her elbows.

“I think it’s about time you show me what all the hype is about Evans. I mean really, the HOTTEST bachelor in Hollywood? ” She whistled. “That’s a pretty high bar they set. You sure you’re up for this?” The amused look on her face threw him off guard. She had a way of changing the tone quickly and keeping him just slightly off balance. He had no doubt they would be good together but this would be an entirely new experience for him. He sighed happily as he kneeled at the foot of the bed. Her verbal foreplay was as much of a turn on as the physical.

“Brooks, you have no idea what you’re in for.” Chris pulled at her feet until she was flat on her back. Her playful grin became serious and she licked her lower lip in anticipation. She watched as he grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, slowly revealing the solid mass of muscle she had only ever seen in her mind. She marveled at the definition of each underlying muscle, the smooth pale skin on top, the taut contraction with each movement.

Chris took note that her mouth was hanging slightly open as he stood before her shirtless and the corners of his mouth turned up. Kayla had the sudden urge to touch him, to feel his naked skin underneath her fingertips. She moved to the edge of the bed and tentatively reached her hand out to skim her fingers along his belly. He shuddered at the feathery contact but waited. She used both hands to explore his abdomen then placed soft kisses in a circle around his navel. He let out a heavy breath.

Kayla’s fingers dipped inside the waistband of his track pants. She looked up at him and bit her bottom lip then slowly pulled both pants and boxers down to his knees, allowing his stiff cock to bob towards her. For Chris it was pure blissful torture. He allowed Kayla to set the pace and make all the moves. His heart raced and his body was on fire already and he hadn’t even touched her.

Kayla took his hard member in her hand and flicked her tongue at the crown, licking a circle around his head. He closed his eyes and hissed through his teeth, reaching out and gathering her hair in his hands. She licked up one side then the other wetting him slightly before taking him in her mouth. Holding him firmly at his base she bobbed her mouth from base to tip swirling her tongue as she went. Chris held out for a few passes. “Kayla you have to stop now or I can’t hold back.”

She kneeled on the bed before him, eye to eye and took off her t-shirt. His eyes drifted down to her lacy white bra, removing it and cupping her soft breasts in his hands. Once he finally touched her he couldn’t stop. In one movement she was laying down and he swiftly removed her yoga pants and thong, leaving her deliciously exposed. Kayla should have felt vulnerable but instead she gave him a confident stare, her deep breaths causing her breasts to heave upward.

He moved between her thighs and nudged them apart with his knees. She giggled when his beard made contact with the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. He kissed softly toward her center, using his tongue as he got closer. When he lapped at her inner lips she took in a sharp breath. She was dripping with juices and when he slipped one finger inside her walls contracted around it. Her moans turned to words. “Fuck Chris. That feels so good.” He added a second finger and his tongue swirled around her clit. “Oh God. Fuck.” She quickly built to an orgasm, verbalizing her approval. “Chris don’t stop. Fuck that feels so good.” When she reached her climax he felt her pulsing around his fingers. “Fuck. Oh God. Chris. Fuck.” The words became just high pitched squeals until the waves subsided and she came back down.

The satisfied look on her face gave Chris an inward glow but he had a hunger he needed to sate. Kneeling between her legs he stretched up to kiss her. She took his tongue deeply in her mouth, tasting herself. Her hands roamed over his broad muscular shoulders and the touch intensified his hunger. He reached to the bedside table for a condom, ripped open the wrapper and smoothly rolled it on his now throbbing cock. He positioned himself at her wet entrance and looked to her for permission.

“Chris I want you inside me so bad.” It was what he needed to hear. He pushed in and she gasped.

He slowed his movement. “Baby you’re so tight. Are you okay?”

“It’s been a while. I’m fine. Just go slow. It feels good.” Chris inched his way inside until he filled her then paused. A deep sigh escaped her lips and she pushed her hips up against him. He bent down, kissed her then slowly eased his cock out to the tip and moved back in, developing a slow rhythm to open her up. “Fuck Kayla, you feel so good. So wet, so tight. This is perfect.”

“Chris, fuck me harder.” He smiled and began to drive hard and deep as she moved her hips up to meet him, grinding her clit against his pelvis. The friction caused another set of waves to build inside of her. Soon she was crying out his name again, her hands grasping fistfuls of sheets. As her walls contracted around his cock Chris felt his own orgasm rise to a peak. “Fuck I’m coming. Jesus Kayla. Fuck.” He grunted and thrust, holding himself deep inside of her as he spilled his seed into the condom. They lay breathing heavily in sweet silence. He finally rolled to his side and discarded the condom, then put his head on the pillow next to her.

Kayla brushed her fingers along his jaw line, memorizing the feeling of his soft beard and the rosy color of his plump lips. Too soon he would be leaving and she would have to rely on this to get her through. She had been through separations before. She only hoped Chris wanted to continue their relationship during his long filming schedule.

Chris savored the touch of her fingers on his face, the look of wonder in her eyes. He took in all of her features and placed them in his memory where he could take them out later when he was lonely for her. She had managed to find a place in his heart and Chris realized he was falling hard for her. And it didn’t concern him one bit.

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