It’s Complicated – Epilogue

It’s Complicated – Epilogue


Actor Chris Evans, OFC Elizabeth Peterson Evans, OFC Victoria Moore-Evans, OFC Braden Evans

“Mom, when the doorbell rings will you answer it? If Chris gets there first he’s gonna scare Justin away.” Tori was putting the finishing touches on her makeup. What little she was allowed to wear anyway. She rolled her eyes. Her mom and Chris were so lame. All her friends wore lots of makeup and cool clothes she didn’t see why they wouldn’t let her do the same.

“I still can’t believe we’re letting her go on a date.” Beth smiled fondly at the protective tone in Chris’ voice.

“Honestly Chris, she’s sixteen years old. You have to let go sometime. Besides, it gives us a little more time alone.”

“And by alone you mean time with our little munchkin here.” Chris picked up their two-year old son Braden and tossed him in the air. Braden squealed with delight so that Chris would do it again. It was their favorite game.

“You should be happy that Tori is becoming more independent. In another seven or so months we’re gonna have our hands full.” Beth beamed at Chris and held up a shirt that was a size too big for Braden that read “I’m the big brother.”

Chris smiled and got teary eyed as he held his son in one arm and pulled his wife into his side with the other arm. “Are you serious? You’re pregnant?”

She couldn’t speak through her tears so she nodded her head vigorously. He bent his forehead into his son’s. “Do you hear that little man, you’re gonna have a little sister or brother. That means you’ll have someone you can torment like I did to Uncle Scott.” He waggled his eyebrows.

“Chris don’t encourage him. Scott is still traumatized.” They both laughed. Then they saw Tori standing at the top of the stairs and each took in a deep breath.

Beth couldn’t speak. “Victoria Anne you look beautiful.” Chris beamed at his adopted daughter. It had taken a lot of time to get to this point but they were finally a family and Tori respected Chris. She wasn’t quite ready to call him “Dad”, but she very much felt like he was her father.

It had been Tori’s idea to move to Boston. When she saw Beth and Chris together in Seattle she knew she couldn’t keep them apart. Beth wouldn’t listen to her so she had to go to her grandmother for help in getting Beth and Chris back together.

And Boston was actually pretty cool. It was different than Seattle but she liked the change. And Chris’ family was amazing. There were so many relatives Tori never felt alone. But in the end, the look she saw on Chris and Beth’s face when they were together was what made it all worth it. Plus she got a half-brother out of the deal which didn’t totally suck.

The doorbell rang and Tori’s face looked panicked. “Mom, quick answer it.”

Chris was faster though and he quickly transferred Braden into Beth’s arms and bounded to the front door. Opening the large wooden door his muscular frame towered over the teenage boy on the front step. “Good evening Mr. Evans. I’m Justin Randall. I’m here to pick up Victoria.” The boy’s voice was shaky with obvious nerves.

Chris stood, feet apart with his hands on his hips, back stiff and straight peering down at the boy. Finally his deep voice rang out. “Justin, can I see your driver’s license please? I’d like to know how long you’ve been driving. I want to make sure Victoria is in safe hands tonight. Then we can sit down and have a little talk.” A wash of red slowly crept up Justin’s face.

Behind him Chris heard Tori pleading with Beth. “Mom, make him stop please.”

Beth came up behind Chris and placed her hand on the small of his back, teasing the curve of his ass. “Come in Justin. Chris is just teasing you.”  Justin’s eyes were suddenly drawn behind Beth and his eyes opened wide and a look of wonder came over his face as he saw Tori for the first time. Beth smiled at Chris and winked knowingly. Chris lifted his eyebrow, acknowledging the boy was obviously crazy about Tori and not a threat.

Once the teens were safely on their way and Braden had been bathed and tucked into bed Chris and Beth sank into the couch, leaning against each other, hands threaded together.

“So another baby, really?” Chris was still adjusting to the news of their new family addition.

“I know I should have told you. But you’ve had so much on your mind. And I wanted to surprise you if it was good news.” Beth looked to make sure he wasn’t upset.

Chris brushed the hair back from her face and ran his fingers along her jaw line. “It’s the best news ever.” He pulled her in and kissed her, their mouths dancing a familiar beat. He pulled back and gazed into her eyes. She gave him a quizzical look back. “I never imagined we would ever end up here. As much as I wanted you, as much as I kept trying, you pushed back just as hard. Thank you for finally giving me a chance.”

Beth fought hard to swallow the lump in her throat. “I love you Chris. I always have. Thank you for not giving up on me. You made my life complete.” She rested her head against his chest, snuggled into his side and sighed, finally at peace with her life.

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