Caution to the Wind – Part 2

Characters: Actor Chris Evans, OFC Olivia Peterson

Rating: Explicit 18+

Warnings: Oral sex, penetration, language

Part 2 – The Hotel

As we exited onto the busy city sidewalk, hands intertwined tightly, I noticed Chris pulled his ball cap down and dropped his head.  He was looking at the ground but I got the impression that he saw everything that was going on around us, as if he was expecting to be followed.  My steps slowed just slightly enough for him to turn, sensing my unease.  “Just trust me.  I promise I won’t hurt you.”  The tough city girl in my told me to turn and run but something in his voice calmed my nerves.  I gave his hand a squeeze and we continued forward.

The sight of The Ritz Carlton up ahead surprised me.  Chris had a frat boy look that I couldn’t reconcile with this five-star hotel.  I started to wonder just how much he was hiding under the “everyday guy” persona.  We moved quickly through the lobby toward the bank of elevators and Chris pulled me into an open car, pressing a button on the panel as we entered.  We stood together, shoulders touching, fingers interlocked, gazes down.  At the same time our heads turned to catch a sideways glance at each other and we laughed.

Once inside his room Chris tossed his hat on a nearby chair, ran long fingers through his medium length brown hair and cocked an eyebrow upward giving me a long, slow look up and down the length of my body.  My usual confidence wavered.  Still dressed for work, my femininity was completely played down or covered up.  Under the boring clothing I had full sized breasts that spilled out of my C cups and generous hips that curved around to an ample sized ass.  I stayed fit via a daily date with my elliptical, but I was no match for his physique.  My short hair, casually brushed back and tucked behind my ears, and minimal makeup were intended not only to save time but to downplay my looks.  It wasn’t fair, but the workplace had a long way to go to be a level playing field.  What he could possibly find attractive about me at the moment had me puzzled.  But the look in his eyes clearly told me there was something about me and he looked as if he was ready to protect me and pounce on me all at the same time.

Although the lighting in the room wasn’t intense, it revealed much more than the darkened corners of the bar.  To see Chris fully, freely in the soft light was intimidating.  He stood at an impressive six foot stature and had broad shoulders with muscles strung taut across the front of his chest and across his back, from one side to the other.  His expansive shoulders converged to a modestly sized, but firm waist.  His thighs fit snugly inside his jeans.  Without flexing any muscles his strength was obvious, but he had an underlying aura of tenderness that had my mind reeling trying to interpret this man and his intentions.  “Who are you?” I whispered.  The corners of his mouth turned up slightly.  “I told you.  I’m Just Chris.”  His head tipped forward and his lips brushed gently against mine, as if testing, or maybe warning.

I turned off the voices of doubt in my head and accepted his kiss.  His hands came up to cradle my face, long fingers reaching up the side of my face.  My lips melted into his and dropped open ever so slightly providing him with the perfect opportunity.  His tongue flicked out and gently teased mine.  I sighed softly, lifting my hands to explore his broad chest.  His fingers pushed into my hair, threading through the short auburn strands and with one hand on the back of my neck, he gently pulled me closer to him.  Our tongues played a game, teasing, taunting, heightening our senses and quickening my heartbeat.  Under my fingers I could feel the rapid beat of his heart in his strong chest as well, knowing the effect was mutual.

My head dropped back and I moaned in delight which only spurred him on.  I heard his deep voice speak.  “I think under this “I gotta keep up with the boys” outfit is a sensational body just waiting for some attention”.  He slowly pushed the suit jacket off, as if opening a present on Christmas Day, his eyes seeming to see through the fabric underneath straight to my bare skin.  It slid it off my shoulders to the floor and my fingers moved to quickly remove the white shirt buttoned up all the way to the Peter Pan collar.  His hands deftly moved around my waist and caught the zipper of my skirt, letting it pool on the floor at my feet.  Standing before him I was so glad I went with the matching white lace bra and panties I splurged on at La Perla.  I grabbed the bottom of his sweater and pulled it over his head, marveling at the sight of a perfectly conditioned body.  Reaching for his waist, in no time at all I had him unbuttoned and unzipped with his jeans pulled open revealing his boxers and the head of his stiff cock straining upward against the material.

Chris moved in to me and claimed my lips again, softly at first, as if he was in no hurry.  But the sight of his powerful, beautiful body had ignited a fire in me that needed a little more aggressive attention.  I used my hands to vigorously explore his muscular torso, finding every inch of sinewy muscle fiber and giving it just enough attention before moving down and around gently but with a purpose.  As my hands traveled freely around his back, chest and torso he pulled his lips from mine and dropped soft kisses along my jaw line, moving toward my ear.  His hands quickened to mimic mine and stroked my back and sides, dipping to caress and cup the curves of my ass then sliding around to firmly grab my hips and pull them against the rock hard cock inside his jeans.  I could feel the wetness in my panties and my head fell back, giving him room to nibble at the tender skin of my neck.  “So beautiful” he whispered against my skin as he moved down along my collarbone and flicked his tongue underneath the lace of my bra.

His finger pulled at the soft lacy material and moved it gently to the side revealing my hardened nipple.  His lips quickly claimed it and I groaned in delight.  His free hand pulled me tightly against his hard cock, our bodies meshed together.  The rosy crown of his dick peeking out of his boxers pressed against my stomach and his hands tugged at my wet lace panties, pulling them down while his other hand moved down my stomach to the outer lips of my wet pussy, softly stroking back and forth against the slick folds.  I moved my feet farther apart to give him more room.  He pushed one finger inside and I gasped at the swiftness of the move while adjusting to the length of his finger. He added a second finger and his firm strokes soon had me panting.  His thumb found my clit and rubbed circles while his fingers continued their assault on my delicate wet folds.  It had been so long and the feeling of his fingers, the way they moved in such harmony was overwhelming and soon I was crying out “I’m coming.  Fuck, Chris that feels so good. Oh God Chris right there. Fuck. FUCK!”

Coming down from my high I kissed and bit my way along his neck and clavicle while my hand moved to his lower back and caught the top of his jeans.  Moving further inside his jeans, my hands caressed his firm ass cheeks as I pushed the jeans down to his knees and knelt before him, his glorious hard cock bobbing out in front of me.  I grasped the base of his cock with one hand while my tongue flicked out to gently swirl around the rosy tip.  I looked up and saw his eyes dark with desire, urging me on.  His fingers wrapped loosely in my hair and I took him into my mouth, gradually adjusting to accept his size.

I began a slow rhythm of pumping my fist while sucking his length into my mouth and swirling my tongue around his stiff rod.  His moans of delight spurred me on.  Soon his hands in my hair held my head in place as his hips began to sway on their own to push against my mouth.  I stopped sucking and stilled my head to allow him to fuck my throat at his own pace, making sure to keep my muscles relaxed.  He growled in between thrusts, “Fuck.” “Your.” “Mouth.” “Is.” “So.” “Hot.” His hips slowed and he allowed me to take control and I resumed my sucking motions, taking his entire length in my mouth and pulling out to the tip, swirling my tongue along the way.  After a few passes he stopped me.  “I want to be inside you so fucking bad.” He pulled me up and laid me on the bed.  I scooted back watching as he pulled his jeans all the way off and crawled towards me with a naughty grin on his face.

Kneeling in between my thighs, he ran his hands up my arms, capturing my wrists and pinning them above my head with one hand.  I eased my thighs open for him and his free hand stroked from my wrist, down my arm and collarbone where he cupped my breast and dropped his lips to suck in my nipple while his hand dipped further down my stomach into the wet inner folds of my pussy.  He nibbled and bit playfully at the hard nub of my nipple and stroked two fingers inside my wet pussy until I was crying out.  My hands were stilled above my head and I begged him to set them free.

My hands dove for his head and pulled him up to a deep kiss, our tongues weaving together.  I ground my pussy up against his cock and that was all he needed.  He reached for the side table and grabbed a foil packet, tearing it open with his teeth.  He slowly rolled it onto the length of his hard dick, watching me as I licked my lips in anticipation.  Chris grabbed the base of his cock and teasingly rubbed the tip along the length of my slit before positioning it at my opening and pushing deeply inside of me.  I gasped for air, not quite ready for his size.  He didn’t allow much time for me to adjust as he pulled out and just as quickly thrust back in.

Soon we had developed a rhythm that had me primed as he was hitting just the right spot.  I whimpered when he pulled my left leg up and rested it in the crook of his elbow, allowing him to go deeper.  He stared into my eyes, “This feels so fucking good.  So tight, so deep, you feel so fucking good.”

His thrusts were deep and hard.  Instinctively I pulled my right leg up and felt him hit the deepest parts of my cunt.   I goaded him on “You like it nice and deep don’t you, the deeper the better.  Go fucking harder now.  Fuck me like you mean it.”  He picked up his pace and with every thrust I groaned, which seemed to only turn him on more.

“Fuck you feel so good, so fucking good.” The deeper thrusts allowed him better access to my g-spot and soon I had built to an intense orgasm.  Small whines turned to louder gasps “Mmmm, fuck.  Chris.  Yes, that’s the spot.  Fuck yes.  Oh God.  Fuck baby, fuck me harder.  Yes, right there.  Fuck yes.  Harder.  Deeper.  Right.  Fuck.  Right there.  Fuck.  FUCK. Chris, Fuck.”

The feeling of him pounding deep inside of me was still so intense and heavenly I was having a hard time coming down.  I could hear him building to his own orgasm. “Oh fuck baby.  You feel so good.  So fucking tight.  Fuck, I’m gonna come. Jesus, fuck.” He stiffened as he filled the condom then let out a long breath and fell onto his forearms on top of me.  Our bodies were covered with a thick sheen of sweat and we both breathed heavily as we recovered from our highs.  Turning on his side he pulled me to him and my hand made lazy circles on his broad chest.  I looked up to him and grinned.  “You really do know how to cheer a girl up.”



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