A Bad Fiction Novel

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Just ahead, she saw the alley in the sunlight. If she could make it she would be safe. Her heart pounded and she felt the package tucked inside her sweater. Father Daniel had trusted her and she couldn’t let him down. She heard footsteps behind her but didn’t turn to look. Father Daniel said if she could make it to the Cathedral, a Friar would be waiting to take possession of the package. Suddenly she felt like she was in a bad novel. She stepped into the sunlight and turned right. Hopefully her story had a happy ending.

22 thoughts on “A Bad Fiction Novel

  1. The build up of tension was very powerful but the step into the sunshine changed everything. Beautifully written!

    On another note … You were kind enough to leave a comment on my story for this prompt (The edge of uncertainty). You outlined some interesting possible scenarios in response to events in the story so thank you for that. I am so sorry but I accidentally deleted the comment as I started to make my response to you. Please don’t be offended – clumsy fingers were the culprits! Edith

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