The Real Grown-Ups

I always wondered who made up the names for nail polish. No, really. That has to be the coolest job on the planet. Please sign me up. I’m pretty sure I would just come back from a long liquid lunch and pull out a thesaurus or a box of crayons. Or both. I’m looking through my personal collection of polish now. ‘Madison Ave-hue’ (This is just downright lazy – it’s a bright pink and isn’t Madison Avenue more glam??) ‘Splash of Grenadine’ (It actually looks kinda like grenadine so I’ll give them that) ‘Koala Beary’ (I was expecting an earthier tone) ‘A Rose At Dawn’ (Is this a cheap play on words?) ‘Dim Sum Plum’ (I’ve never had dim sum {mini shocker} but I guess they serve it with plum sauce???) ‘Boom Boom’ (This one-two punch doesn’t quite hit the mark) ‘Outrageous’ (Ummm, I’m not sure what outrageous looks like, but I picture it much darker) ‘Chicago Champagne Toast’ (The color is right but did it have to be in Chi Town?) Apparently I missed my calling. I could have been making up nail polish names for a living. It seems kinda random but kinda fun at the same time.

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