Living Out Loud

Prudent is not a word I’m particularly familiar with. I mean, I know what it means. I’m just not entirely comfortable with actually using it in everyday life. Or even ever really. Both the word and the action. I’m more of a leap before you look kinda person. Speak before you think. Which hasn’t always turned out exactly well. I have a board on Pinterest full of very funny posts, most of which describe exactly how messed up my life is. (Really, there’s a link on my sidebar if you don’t believe me.) Mostly because I’m not a prudent person. I’ve tried to be respectable and responsible and it’s just not for me. Sure, I can carry it off but it’s not all that much fun. When I look back at my life, as messy as it was, I sure as hell don’t want to describe it as prudent. I’d rather use a ton of curse words and say that I lived my life with no rules.