“We’re having a baby?” Henry said it out loud for the fourth time, a bewildered look on his face. Elizabeth calmly smiled up at him from her seat at the table. “Yes honey, we’re having a baby.” She returned to the crossword puzzle she was doing. Henry wondered how she could remain so calm.

He had returned home from work to the smell of pot roast in the oven and half a dozen pregnancy tests spread out on the table, Elizabeth quietly working on her puzzle. 

“Beth, what is all this?” She looked up at him. “They’re pregnancy tests. Six of them. All positive. We’re having a baby.” Then she flashed a brilliant smile.

They had tried to have a baby for more months than he cared to remember. Two rounds of IVF had only wiped out their savings. So they decided to take a break from thinking about children and focus on being a couple. And by some miracle, this had happened.

Henry gently pulled Elizabeth from her chair and wrapped her in his arms, looking down at her adoringly. He spoke, this time not a question but a definitive statement. “We’re having a baby.”

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