First Date

The expectation is always better than the reality. So, when he asked me on a date I reluctantly accepted, not wanting to ruin the fantasy I had built of him. I had spent an evening watching him, memorizing his gorgeous features, fantasizing. A week later here we were, sitting across the table from one another, his sapphire blue eyes trained on me, lips pursed into a heart shape, his turn to memorize every one of my features. I was intimidated.

His mouth curved upward into that now familiar grin, forming apple cheeks, and I was mesmerized by the lush red lips and the thought of how they would feel on mine. His lips seemed to dance when he spoke, his deep bass drawl sending fire coursing through me. His words didn’t matter as much as how his voice made me feel; tingly, breathless, alive. I noticed that when he spoke his eyes twinkled like stars, his hands moved animatedly and his voice came alive like a storyteller. He was all in, no holds barred, absolutely captivating. I sucked in a deep breath and smiled. Sometimes the reality is better than the expectation.

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