I watched him across the room, careful to avert my eyes whenever his gaze moved anywhere near me. I’d been secretly admiring him all night. Who could blame me? His chestnut hair was just long enough to add a bit of danger and mystery to an already intriguing man. Hypnotic blue eyes were perfectly contrasted by the dark fringe that framed his face. He had a distinctively strong nose with nostrils that flared when he laughed and a square jawline that was emphasized when he smiled. His strong facial features matched his sturdy build. He wasn’t muscular in the traditional sense, but I sensed that underneath his well-fit button-down shirt and blazer, his arms and chest and torso would feel firm and solid under my fingers.

He took a drink from his hi-ball glass and his head moved in my direction, forcing me to look away. Nervously lifting the champagne flute to my lips, I subconsciously licked them before drinking. I paused a few moments to be safe before returning my gaze to him. He was smiling at the woman next to him and a brief thunderbolt of envy shot through me before I got lost again in his eyes. They shimmered like blue sapphires when he smiled and his closed-mouth grin made his cheeks look like ripe apples; the effect was genuinely enchanting.

His pink lips were full with a prominent cupid’s bow that drew my focus every time I looked at him. I couldn’t help but stare. I wondered what it would be like to kiss him – surely his lips would be soft and moist, but firm and full of purpose. I imagined that in contrast to the rough scruff of his stubbled, unshaven face and felt a warmth build inside me. Another long, slow sip of champagne helped to calm my senses as I looked around the room. So far, I had been left alone, allowed to indulge in my fantasy world.

As I glanced back in his direction I saw he was moving, walking towards me, his eyes now locked onto mine. I froze in place and felt my hands tremble in anticipation long before he reached me. All I could do was watch, wait and wonder as he made his slow approach. When we finally stood almost toe to toe, icy blue eyes pierced through me. My fingers grasped tightly around the glass in my hand. The corners of his lips turned slightly upward, forming small, red apple cheeks, and his eyes took on a devilish sparkle. A deep Southern bass voice rumbled from his chest.

“Darlin’, I’ve been watchin’ you watch me all night.” My jaw fell slack with the shock of his words. The champagne flute slipped from my fingers and in one smooth movement he captured the glass and my hand in his own.  His smile opened fully, lips forming a perfect plump heart shape, to reveal brilliant white teeth. A soft sigh escaped my mouth before I could stop myself and he let out a gentle chuckle. The way he looked at me I didn’t even feel self-conscious. He glanced down at the empty glass that we both held, then one eyebrow shot up. “Would you like another?” I was afraid to speak, afraid anything that came out of my mouth would be mere unintelligible noise, so I nodded instead. As he took my hand and led me away, he stopped, turned and flashed another radiant smile. “I’m Christian.”

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