Morning Song

The morning sun peeked through the blinds in the window, casting a glow across his stubbled face. Lying on my side next to him, I took advantage of his peaceful slumber to appreciate the sheer beauty of the man. His short, dark hair was tousled and mussed and my fingers ached to reach out and play. Long, dark eyelashes closed together hid his piercing blue eyes, the color of the wild cornflowers that grew in his native Texas home. My eyes trailed down his nose, focusing on the small bump which he had gotten in a long ago fight years before he met me. I had heard the story many times but it never failed to charm me.

Moving my gaze down I rested my attention on his plump, red lips; the cupid’s bow creating a natural pucker even in sleep. I took in a deep breath and marveled at the perfection before me. I couldn’t resist any longer. My finger inched forward and traced along his bottom lip, while I subconsciously bit my own. He stirred, eyes fluttering open slowly. I moved my hand from his lips to his hair and allowed my fingers to weave through the silky strands. “Good morning.” A sly grin crossed his face and his strong arms pulled me against his chest, encircling me in his arms. A deep, soft southern drawl filled my ears. “Mornin’ darlin’,” as I felt those plump lips press against mine.

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