Dark Roads

An AU Dean Winchester Fanfiction
WARNING: Adult Content

Hannah saw the flashing red and blue lights in her rear-view mirror and cursed under her breath. Looking down at her dash she noted her speed was just under the posted 45 mph speed limit for the dark two lane road. “What the hell?” she thought as she slowed and pulled over to the gravel shoulder. Her heartbeat sped up. Taking one last glance in the rearview mirror she saw the door of the sheriff’s car behind her open and an imposing figure exit and stretch to his full height, a little over six feet tall.

He took his time as he strode towards her car, the beam of a large flashlight illuminating his path. She peeked in her side mirror. As nervous as she was, she couldn’t help noticing the stocky body walking her way. She rolled down her window. “Officer, is everything okay?”

A deep, gruff voice growled back, “It’s Deputy. Deputy Winchester. License, insurance and registration?”

Hannah fumbled for the interior light then opened her glove compartment, nervously shuffling through the clutter of papers. She finally found what she was looking for and reached into her purse for her wallet, slipping out her driver’s license and handing everything over to the Deputy. When she finally looked up at him and really looked at him she was amazed at what she saw.

He filled out the non-descript brown uniform he wore. It wasn’t body-building muscle, but he had a solid, hard body that came from honest hard work. She could see his biceps twitch as he flipped through the paperwork she handed him. His expression was intense but in the glow of the flashlight she could just make out his green eyes and his chiseled nose. At this time of day he had built a sexy amount of stubble on his face. She heard a deep voice, as if in a tunnel.

“I’m sorry, what?” Her face burned red at being caught, even though he probably couldn’t see in the darkness.

“Do you know why I pulled you over, Miss?” He sounded annoyed at having to repeat himself. She sat straighter in her seat, like a school girl being scolded.

“No officer, I don’t.” Her hands came together in her lap, wringing together, the anxiety in her face unseen to him.

“It’s DEPUTY. Deputy Dean Winchester. And you got a busted tail light.” He pointed to the back of her car.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to get that fixed.” She broke away from his stare, averting her eyes to her lap.

He shined the flashlight at her face, as if taunting her. “So, you knew it was busted? You’re driving on dark roads with one tail light. You think that’s safe,” he looked at her license, the beam of his flashlight now glancing off the plastic, “Hannah?”

“No sir. I mean, I haven’t had the time to get it to a repair shop.” Hannah gulped, looking up at the imposing figure standing over her. He had a threatening presence but then the corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly.

“Would you step out of the car please?” Hannah slowly opened the door and he pulled it open. She could see his hand on his gun. Was he serious? Swinging her legs around, she planted them on the ground and eased her body out of the car, her 5’7” frame staring at his chin. Looking up, she locked eyes with him and even in the moonlit darkness she could see the hunger in them. “Walk to the back of the car please.”

He followed her as she made her way to the trunk of her Honda. She could feel his eyes on her, penetrating her. “Put your hands on the back of the car and spread your legs apart.”

“What? Are you serious?” She started to turn towards him but he grabbed her wrist.

“Hannah, please don’t make me get physical. Do as I say, nice and slow.” She glared at him, staring him down.

“So, what, do you get off on having power over women?” At first, she was intimidated by him but now she was getting tired of his attitude. He seemed to enjoy this way too much.

“Let’s say I like a world with law and order.” He winked at Hannah. “Power’s just a perk.” She shivered as his eyes roamed over her body. She had wanted to knock him down a peg but she had no idea what she was in for.

She gave in turned away from him, placing her hands on the car, feeling the cold metal on her skin. She stood with her legs a few feet apart. She felt the cool night air swirl under her skirt.

“I’m going to pat you down. Nice and easy. I promise I won’t hurt you as long as you do exactly what I tell you.” She felt his hands grasp her shoulders, safe enough. His grip was relaxed but firm as he moved down her bare arms. When he reached her wrists, his hands encircled them. She felt restrained but only momentarily, then he let her go.

His hands traced back up her arms, tickling her skin along the way until they reached her shoulders. He began to move them down her sides, more forcefully. “Try not to move and this won’t tickle.” She heard the words whispered in her ear and wondered when he had moved so close to her. His hands swiftly moved to her hips and held them in place while he moved his torso closer into her. She felt his hardness press against her ass. “You’re doing good Hannah. Just keep still, I promise you’ll like it.”

She shuddered involuntarily and her pussy clenched at his words, the deep gruff bass voice echoing in her ear. She could feel her wetness on the small strip of satin between her legs. His hands moved around to her stomach, tugging at her white tank top. Fingers snaking underneath the fabric, they grazed her skin, moving upward toward the white lace bra she wore. Her breathing became shallow and her head fell forward. She used her hands to keep herself propped up on the car as desire took over her body.

Dean’s long fingers edged under the lacy borders of her bra, feeling the broad expanse of skin, exploring the mound of flesh. Pushing the fabric out of the way, his hands kneaded and plied her breasts, catching one nipple then the other between his fingers and squeezing. Hannah took in a sharp inhale and held it, feeling his hot breath on her neck. She felt his lips, the plump lips she had lusted over earlier, lock down on the soft flesh between her shoulder and ear, nibbling up to her earlobe, placing small bites along the way. Hannah cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure while his hands continued their torture on her sensitive nipples.

Dean continued to kiss and suck along her neckline as his hands moved from her breasts, down her sides and slid over her hips. Hannah’s nerves were on overload, sensitive to every movement. When his hands moved from the fabric of her skirt to the bare skin of her legs, her head fell back and she groaned involuntarily. “Good girl, Hannah.” She smiled at his approval. Her hands remained on the car but all she wanted to do was run her hands through his hair, pull his head to her pussy, let him feast on her. Still, she waited like she was asked.

She expected him to frisk her to her ankles but he stopped mid-thigh, moving his hands to her inner thigh and stroking the soft flesh. “Hannah, I never do anything I’m not asked to do. Do you understand?”

Her head was spinning, she was dripping wet but her thoughts were fuzzy. When she didn’t answer, Dean said again, “Hannah, I won’t do anything unless you want me to do it. Are we clear?” His hands stroked the soft flesh of her thighs, moving upward to her core. She could feel them move toward her warmth. Still she couldn’t speak. Deputy Winchester pushed his torso against her, his hard cock straining against her ass. “Hannah, what do you want me to do?”

In a clear voice, she heard herself say the words. “Fuck me Deputy.”

Dean’s hands pulled at her skirt, moving the fabric up to expose her skin to the night. He held her left hip with one hand while he tugged at her silk panties with the other, feeling them give way as they dropped to the ground, puddling at her ankles. His hands were free to roam, one pulling her into him, anchoring her to his hard torso, and the other moving to her pussy, fingering the slick outer lips. He leaned into her, kissing and biting her neck while he growled into her ear, sounds of pure, raw sex.

Both hands now moved to her pussy, one holding her outer lips while the other strummed at the inner lips, the long index finger teasing her quivering slit. “You’re so fucking wet. You want this don’t you Hannah? You wanted this the minute you saw me, didn’t you?” She was drunk with desire, she couldn’t deny that she had wanted him, she wanted him now.

“Deputy, I need you inside me. Please.” Her contempt for him had turned to desire and he didn’t fail to please her. His finger entered her pussy, easing gently at first into her slick hole all the way to the knuckle. She let out a sigh of pleasure then whimpered as he pulled his finger out. He quickly replaced it with two fingers, more forcefully this time pushing in then out, establishing a rhythm as she drew her breaths in time. As his thumb moved to her clit she gasped out, nearly coming on the spot. His fingers stilled, allowing her time to slow, then began to move again and she built to a climax, her breathing becoming shallow, head tilted back, eyes closed as she first moaned then whined then wailed then screamed out, “Fuck, yes, oh fuck, god, yes FUCK!”

As she came down from her high, the gentleness he had shown dissipated. He pushed her head to the trunk and held her down with one hand. She heard the clink as he undid the buckle of his belt, heard the sound of his zipper then felt his bare skin against hers. She heard a crinkling sound, no doubt a condom wrapper, then felt his hard cock line up at the wet edge of her pussy. He hesitated. With one word from her, “Yes”, she felt the head of his cock penetrate her opening, then her stomach hit the trunk of the car as she felt his full force push into her from behind, feeling his cock buried deep inside her pussy.

Dean gently pulled her head up from the car and put both hands on her hips, pulling her back against him as he thrust into her, grunting with each deep movement. Hannah braced her hands against the car and moved her legs farther apart to allow him deeper access. She felt his breath on her neck, heard his deep voice in hear ear. “Do you like this Hannah?”

She responded by pushing back against him, grinding her ass against his groin. “Yes Deputy. Fuck me harder.” She braced herself against him, he gripped her hips tightly and pulled her backwards, their movements working to balance the force of his rapid thrusts. She felt each one deeply, both grunting with each one. One of his hands moved around to her clit, slowly circling it between his thumb and finger. The sensation was almost unbearable. She moaned and her head fell back, landing on his shoulder. “Good girl. Come for me Hannah.” His fingers expertly moved to pull the sensations to the surface and she hummed softly. “Come on Hannah.” His deep sexy voice urged her on, adding further to her pleasure. She felt his cock move deep inside her, rhythmically in time with his fingers on her clit, circling bringing her to a bubbling climax. Her hums turned to whines. Dean felt the walls of her pussy contract around his member, felt the pressure bear down on him, a force of pleasure that milked him. His lips went to her ear. “I want to hear you.” Hannah’s whines became louder, “Fuck, mmm, so good” words turned to mere sounds as she reached the height of her pleasure and screamed out “Fuck!”

Dean matched her whines with thrusts, keeping time with her rapid high, his fingers deftly moving to lift her. He tried to soften his thrusts but in the end, he sent her pushing against the cold metal of the car with each thrust, their mutual climax the only thing in sight. As she uttered her last sounds, he groaned and pushed, falling against her, both crumpling onto the trunk of the car. It took a few minutes to catch their breaths when Dean finally pulled out gently, discarding the condom, and pulled Hannah upright. He swung her around and they stared at one another in the moonlight, breathless, spent. Dean bent down and kissed Hannah. He reached down and pulled his pants, fixed them and buckled his pants then pulled her skirt down over her exposed pussy.

“You should get that tail light fixed. My dad has a shop in Lawrence. Tell him Dean sent you. Give you the Winchester special.” Dean winked at Hannah and walked towards his patrol car.

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