I Am Not A Writer

We all have our struggles from time to time.

Whether we call it our muse or our voice or our talent, makes no difference.

The truth lies in the knowledge that the words we write are fleeting.

Some days they flow easily, like a mighty river, with limitless possibility.

Other days they stutter, we pull them one by one painstakingly, our hearts unable to speak coherently.

The words are like raindrops on the scorched earth.

For a while now I haven’t felt.

When I write, the words ring hollow.

I don’t feel the emotions flow from my fingertips as I did before.

The words I write don’t seem to have any deeper meaning than the ink on the page.

Is it true then, am I merely forestalling the inevitable truth?

I am not a writer.

7 thoughts on “I Am Not A Writer

  1. I don’t believe that’s true. Your Adam series was really sweetly written. Maybe you’ve just lost your passion/voice whatever you want to call it. I have dry times, tired times, days I just can’t fight anymore and have nothing left to give.


      1. When I have those days/weeks, I read. I read something I love to read to remind me why I write. And I read some nice trashy fiction to remind myself it can be fun. Then I eat chocolate 🙂


  2. I am totally intimidated by writers and authors and people like you who can string beautiful sentences together like songs. I write humour because that’s what I know and that’s who I am but I wouldn’t be so cheeky as to consider myself the equal of real writers. :o)


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