Somewhere Out There

The smoke began to dissipate as the fire burned out, leaving hot embers, burning red. He pulled me closer to replace the heat from the dying fire and I could feel the warmth from his chest radiate through his jacket. But with our light gear I knew we weren’t long for the cold night air. I took advantage of the time to gaze at the clear sky, the stars shining brightly away from the harsh city lights. Pointing, I picked out the landmarks. “Look, Orion’s Belt.” I was an amateur stargazer at best but even the most novice could pick out the three bright stars that form the belt of the hunter Orion; although I couldn’t name any of the stars to save my life. Still, I took comfort in knowing that somewhere in the great beyond were entire galaxies that went unexplored, and possibly another being was sitting in her loved one’s embrace and looking at the sky saying “Look, there’s Earth.” Well, maybe not in those words exactly. Still, you never know.

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