So Beautiful

Standing in the doorway, he watched as she removed her jewelry, carefully putting each piece away. She hadn’t noticed him watching her yet, this was his favorite part. When she was completely unaware and lost in thought, oblivious to his presence. She removed her heels and disappeared into the closet. He waited patiently for her, hoping she wouldn’t see him. He wasn’t ready to stop watching her yet. Then her voice rang out like a melody, “John”, as she emerged from the closet, three inches shorter. She finally noticed him in the doorway and smiled at him. “There you are. Help me with my zipper?” It was both a question and a statement as she turned away from him.

He pushed his shoulder away from the door frame and slowly made his way across the room, drinking in the sight of her curvy backside, accentuated by the deep blue satin cocktail dress clinging to every inch of her. His eyes roamed up from her rounded ass to the V shape of the back of her dress that exposed the milky whiteness. He could already feel her smooth, soft skin in his mind. When he reached her, his hands went to her shoulders and his fingers trailed down along the edge of the fabric, the silky satin and smooth skin melting together. His lips moved to her shoulders and he planted soft kisses along her graceful, swan-like neck, relishing the cooing sounds she made. Before unzipping her dress, his hands snaked around her hips to her swollen belly, rubbing and caressing it as he whispered in her ear, “there is nothing sexier than the beautiful woman carrying my child.”

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