Why I Left Chris Evans

Chris wanted to be the regular beer drinking dude who only stayed in Los Angeles as long as he had to.

He preferred to be home in Boston with friends and family, keeping close ties to his roots and keeping it real. Now he is chartering private jets to fly his friends to trips to Las Vegas to celebrate birthdays and his girlfriend’s comedy show. Real people don’t do that. Real people rarely buy first class tickets. They use their frequent flier miles to get bumped.

Chris has always been vocal about trying to maintain a private lifestyle, away from the media, where he had some sort of a normal life without cameras or paparazzi following his every move. Now pictures are mysteriously appearing with him and Jenny portrayed as a happy couple seeming to be in love. At a wedding, in front of a private charter jet. He has no problem with his private life being discussed in her comedy shows nor does he have a problem putting a show on for public relations when it suits his needs.

Chris has always catered to his younger fans battling serious diseases and talked to them on a level they could understand that was not condescending or sending hidden messages. Now he uses his video messages as a way to subtly scold former fans for “being mean” on Twitter. The first amendment gives us the right to free speech, unless the Supreme Court has made a momentous ruling otherwise. Public personalities have to develop thick skins to survive in their chosen professions. It comes with the fame, the glory and the paycheck.

Chris  was sighted in Los Angeles for the StandUp2Cancer telecast yet he only sent a video in support. Why did he not attend the event to show his support? In the past he has played up the fact that he likes to dress formally to promote charities like the ice bucket challenge, yet he couldn’t be bothered to even take off the ballcap in the video for StandUp2Cancer. He doesn’t seem to be trying very hard anymore.

Chris  doesn’t have any new projects listed on iMDB. This is not to say he isn’t talking about things, but since he has spent a majority of his down time supporting his new girlfriend’s career and chilling in Boston, there is a possibility that he is doing nothing to develop new projects.

Finally, Jenny  has referred to him as her boyfriend but he has never publicly acknowledged her as anything but a friend to my knowledge (I was mistaken about the Celebuzz article). I don’t purport to know the reason behind this but maybe it’s time for him to own up to some things. You’re a grown man, not a boy. Maybe something is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. That’s your right to keep it under wraps. It’s also our right to speculate in the absence of facts and in light of your silence. This is not a one-way street. As long as I am polite and I feel like I can speak my mind with well thought out arguments, I will.

The more  this drags on the more respect I lose for him. Just when I think he can sink no lower something happens and he disappoints at a lower level. It’s no longer fun to watch this train wreck. It’s pitiful and painful. Frankly I can only take it in small doses.

I have  a tremendous amount of respect for those of you who stay in the fandom. I don’t want to start a debate. Let’s agree to disagree on this and leave it alone. Right now I’m at the point where looking at a picture of him makes me physically ill. Maybe that will pass, maybe it won’t. The beauty is I have other interests, some don’t even include people who can let you down. I’m sorry if you don’t like my new content. I won’t be hurt if you unfollow me.

I won’t  try to deny it. Chris hurt me. He was the first celebrity that I really believed in. I bought into all the interviews, I believed everything he said, I thought he was true hero material. He was the one who got me started writing. That was something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and I finally became a writer because of him (and @heather-lynn – shout out I’m still writing). Thank you for that Chris. I’m leaving all my original Chris fanfiction on my WordPress site because 1) He got me started and 2) it’s damn good.

Ok,  rant over. Do me a favor, if you see another rant from me, message me and tell me to delete it. I’m forgetful and I wouldn’t doubt if I forgot I posted this one! LOL

5 thoughts on “Why I Left Chris Evans

  1. He has a couple movies coming out. I don’t follow celebs, I cant buy into the hype. Although sometimes one will do something that makes me view them poorly and I can never separate that odious act from their acting. Shame too bad they behave so badly sometimes.


  2. It blows you can’t enjoy his appearances anymore (as I personally find them in equal parts of hilarious and degrading), but don’t thank him for your writing. For being a Muse, maybe. But you did the work and found a craft that was desperate to be released. I’m so fucking happy you stuck with it! 💋


  3. A friend sent me this link. Thank you for your text! It explains perfectly how I’m feeling about all this too! I have a few friends who don’t understand whats going on and why I am like this suddenly. I will send them this link, your words are perfect! Shippers call me a jealous b***h and don’t use their brains. I got a lot of hate texts from those “fans”. But thanks to people like you, I feel better and not so alone! Thank you!


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